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Trove Articles

Latest "Talk" Video Spotlights Player Creativity

The July "Trove Talk" has been published by Trion Worlds. In this month's video, the team takes a look at the best player creations from in-game for the month of July. Check it out and then head into game to get your inner-builder busy!

The HiveLeader Asks & Receives

Proving that developers really do listen to their players, the Trove team has announced that Corgi Guns are headed into the game at the behest of none other than our own The HiveLeader!

2000 More Alpha Keys!

MMORPG.com has just been given a second batch of 2000 alpha keys for Trove. Get it while they last!

Alpha Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com and Trion have partnered to bring you alpha test access keys for Trove - the exciting new open ended voxel MMORPG! Get your key now while supplies last!

New Video Diary Shows Off User Content & a New Biome

The Trove team has put together a nifty new video diary where they show off some of the finest user generated content seen so far as well as reveal the new Dragonfire Peaks biome, a new zone built with the community. See what you think!

Month in Review Spotlights New Content and More

Trove players will be interested to check out the latest Month in Review post on the official site. The article offers players a look back at June, a big month with new content, new music, a new class and much more. In addition, the Trove team reveals a few hints about what players can expect in July.

Fae Trickster Class Announced

Trove players will have a new class to try out when the Fae Trickster launches in game later today. Players can purchase the new class 1050 credits / 5000 source (equivalent of $7) from the Trove Store.

Spring Update Brings a Range of Improvements

The makers of open-world MMO Trove have been busy the last couple of months and in the new Spring update, it shows. A laundry list of new improvements add things like teleporting, crafting materials, class powers and more.

Dracolyte Voted In as Next Playable Class

The Trove community has spoken and it is the Dracolyte that will be featured as a new playable class. The Dracolyte will be free to all players and will make its appearance when the dragon-themed biome is released into Trove.

The 7 Wonders of Player-Crafted Creations

The Trove team has a nifty new feature that explores some of the amazing structures players have created in the game. Whether a weeping skull or a world based solely on geometry, you can bet that player ingenuity shines.

Help Choose the Next Biome

The Trove team has taken to Reddit to solicit user input into the next biome to enter the game. Players are invited to write up a few ideas, create a few visuals and the team will cull through them and work with the community to pick the perfect one. Submissions will be taken through Monday, April 21st.

Instant Access Begins At $20

Trion Worlds has announced that Trove is ready for the wider public to join the game. Players supporting the game at the $20 or higher level will receive instant access to the game. Other packages include the $5 (no instant access), $50 and $100 levels.

Easy Updating Thanks to Glyph

The latest Trove newsletter has arrived. In it, the usual game improvements and such are listed but, of particular note, is that Trove is now part of the recently-announced Glyph platform as announced by Trion. By launching Trove with Glyph, the game is automatically updated in a no muss, no fuss kind of way.

Design Weapons, See Them In Game

Trion Worlds has released a new 'how to' video to show Trove players how to make weapons in the game and how to see them in the game. The video is hosted by Trove Art Lead Brian Clark. Clark works step-by-step through the creation process. Check it out and then let us know what you think!

Latest Update Resolves Issues, Adds Player-Created Items

Trion Worlds has posted the latest bullet point list of changes and fixes to Trove. Included in the most recent update are crafted weapons, crafted town portals and a host of bug fixes and feature enhancements.