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Trove Articles

Tanky Revenant Class Previewed

Trion Worlds has taken the wraps off the next class that will enter Trove, the Revenant. The Revenant gives his all by sacrificing life for damage or to be able to protect allies.

Mustachioed Goodness Arrives for Movember

Trove players can check out a new item in the Trove Store called a Movember Pack that gives a nice number of neat items for only 100 cubits.

Checking Out the Battle Arena on the PTS

Trove players are invited to head to the game's PTS to check out the forthcoming Battle Arena beginning on Wednesday, October 28th. Players will be to try out a Trovian version of capture the flag.

Release Your Inner Capitalist in the New Marketplace

Players will now be able to trade items in Trove thanks to the arrival of the Marketplace where the buying and selling of in-game commodities will take place. Once items and currency have exchanged hands, players are invited to head out to the Treasure Isles to attempt to score one of the new caches also introduced in the latest update.

Mac Launch Day Arrives

Trion Worlds has announced that Mac launch day for Trove has finally arrived. Mac players will have twelve classes from which to choose with the promise of more to come.

Trove Free Meownt Giveaway!

Admit it: You've always dreamed of saddling up a giant cat and leaping across the land, manes rippling in the breeze. Now, thanks to Trove - the free-to-play voxel adventure MMO - you'll be able to live out your deepest meme dreams, conquering the impossible and wrangling a sparkling cat mount under your command. MMORPG.com has the whole kitten caboodle available, so grab a code, hang on tight to your new, sparkling Diameownt, and ride into Trove today!

Rise of the Shadow Tower Update Now Live

Trove players have a lot to look forward to with today's deployment of the Rise of the Shadow Tower update. Included in the patch is the new Lunar Lancer class and the new Shadow Tower that pitches players into a series of challenges as they face off against the Daughter of the Moon and her minions. Check out the trailer before heading into the game.

The Lunar Lancer Previewed

The Trove team has revealed the first information about the new class coming to the game called the Lunar Lancer. Lunar Lancers will be in fox form and will take on opponents using spears.

Double Chaos Factor Begins After Today's Update

Trion has announced that Trove players will be treated to Bonus Chaos after today's update and continuing through August 31st. Each Chaos Factor will net players two Chaos Chests.

Latest Update: New Manta Ray Mounts, New Chaos Chest Loot

Trove is currently offline for today's update that will include several new items including Green and Blue manta ray mounts that can be found in Adventure boxes, new loot from Chaos Chests that can feature a boneweaver mount, Arcanium Discord wings, the Chaotic Clipper ship or the Mahogan Toboggan mag rider.

Aura Updates & Fat Fish Incoming

Trove will be updating today with a pretty meaty patch that includes several new auras for Radiant Weapons as well as new fishing trophies determined on the basis of the fish's weight.

Create a Boss Finalists Revealed, Vote Today!

The finalists in the Create a Boss contest have been revealed on the Trove site. Players are encouraged to visit the site to check out the background information and the creative thought behind each of the named finalists. Once done, players can head to the special voting site to voice their opinion on which should be included in Trove at a later date.

Patron Program Debuts

The Trove site has been updated with the new Patron Program for the game. Players can choose an optional "patron subscription" that starts at $14.99 per month (month-to-month) and goes down to $10.99 for a full year's Patron status. Joining the Patron Program entitles users to a number of great in-game benefits as well.

Calling on Creative Types to Help Design a Shadow Titan

The Trove team is asking the creative community to "think outside the box" to create a Shadow Titan, to "Create a Boss, Like a Boss". Players are asked to post their ideas in a specially created thread on the Trove forum by Friday, July 24th. From the group, several will be chosen to be 'top contenders' from among which players will choose a winner.

Long Queue Times Addressed, Players To Be Compensated

Trion Worlds has acknowledged that server queue times for Trove were unacceptable and have worked out a solution: player capacity has been increased 400% since the launch of the game and servers are much more stable than before. By way of apology, the players will be compensated with a pair of in-game items.