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Trove Articles

Support Extra Life with Specially Created Bundle

Trove players will want to take a close look at the new Extra Life bundle that is now in the shop that contains a number of special in-game items. Purchasing the package will help raise funds for Extra Life. All items have been designed by Kumar "Atronos" Daryanani along with supporters.

Cubit Rewards Tracked With The New Star Bar

Trove players have a new interface addition called the Star Bar. The Star Bar keeps track of how many Cubits the player can earn in Trove. Dungeons and Lairs will reward Cubits for completion. On entering one, a pop up will appear to tell players how many they have earned and will earn by completing the instance. When the Star Bar is filled, Cubits will pay out.

Evolving Leaderboards Now Active in Game

Ever want to compare how many blocks you've destroyed or monsters you've killed to other players in Trove? If so, the introduction of the new Leaderboards in the game will be right up your alley. While the new system has several great categories in it that will reveal meta data, stats, power ranks and more, the team has plans to add even more over time.

More Murphataur Mount Keys!

Back by popular demand we have 20,000 more Trove Murphataur mounts to giveaway to our MMORPG.com community members. Get your key now while supplies last!

Inactive Player Name Resets Incoming

Trion Worlds is giving Trove players a heads up that inactive names will be reset on March 7, 2016. Finally IRL33T might be available at long last!

MMORPG.com Exclusive Murphataur Mount Giveaway!

MMORPG.com together with Trion is pleased to present the "Murphataur" - an exclusive mount for Trove in glorious MMORPG.com colors and named after our Editor - Bill Murphy! You can only get this mount right here, so get yours now while they last!

Lunar New Year Dragon Arrives

Trove's site has been updated with the news that the Lunar New Year Dragon has arrived in game. Players will be able to get hands on this unique mount by obtaining the Dormant Egg from the shop and combining it with Flux, Dragon Coins, and Primordial Flame.

Revenant Warhorse Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been give special gift keys for Trove that will grant players the "Revenant Warhorse" in game item! Get your gift key while supplies last!

Changes Incoming to Cubits, Classes & Patrons

The Trove forum has a new post to proactively warn players about some fairly significant changes coming to three areas: Cubits, Classes & Patrons. The post begins with a discussion of why changes are needed in order to keep the game moving forward and then details the changes that will be coming in the future.

Block Jam 2016 Ready for Take Off

The Trove team is inviting players and fans to a party with today's Block Jam 2016. The party is being thrown to celebrate the awesome Trove community. It kicks off on the Trion Twitch Channel at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern and will run for about six hours. Fans and players can get hold of great prizes, take part in PvP developer Battle Arena matches and check out the action with some of the games more prolific streamers.

New Data Servers Create a Party Atmosphere...with STUFF!

Trove players had to wait what in internet time is days and days for the game to get suited up in the new database structure. But all is now up and running again and the team wants to thank players for their patience with a trio of pretty sweet rewards to be handed out between now and January 24th.

Custom Battlegrounds Showcased In New Dev Blog

Trion Worlds has updated the Trove site to showcase some of the custom battle arenas that players have created since the release of Battleverse update. In addition to screenshots of the arenas, the macro for joining each is included so players can try them out for themselves.

Rift-Inspired Chloromancer Breezes Into Game

Trove players with a love of Trion's Rift will be happy to hear that a new playable class has joined the game: The Chloromancer. This child of nature attacks with Leafy Lasher, a time bomb that damages all enemies in the vicinity; Blooming Pollinator that heals party members and more.

Trion Attending GaymerX in Support of Rights for All

Trion has announced that it will be sending team members from all of its games to this weekend's GaymerX convention in San Jose, California. The event takes place from Friday, December 11th and runs through Sunday, December 13th. From the official notification: "We're not there for the press. We're there to hang out! We'll play board games, talk gaming of all kinds and we may try to recruit you to join Team Trion in Extra Life!"

Join the Battle Arena Beta

Trion Worlds is ready to unleash PvP action into Trove with the arrival of the Battle Arena beta. Players can take on furious 5v5 capture the flag action by taking the special portal from the updated Hub.