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Trove Articles

Grab a Special Movember Pack for 100 Cubits

Trove players can grab hold of a special Movember pack in the game store for 100 Cubits. It contains seven distinct blocks, 5 mustachioed face options and a Mustache Mag Rider.

Shadow's Eve Giveaway!

MMORPG.com and Trion are pleased to present this special gift key giveaway offer where we are giving out Shadow's Eve gift keys to our community! This gift key will give you the Bat Boosted Broom. Celebrate Trove's Shadow's Eve with a massive MMORPG mount giveaway that truly squarifying! Shadow's Eve runs until November 1st but this vampiric vehicle lives forever. Don't dilly dally! Missing out on a mount this epic would be downright batty. Get your key now!

Shadow's Eve Begins, Runs Through November 1st

Trove players can get their holiday jollies on with today's arrival of Shadow's Eve. The special event features special conten including a special hub, Pumpkin Lairs that yield Candy Corn used to craft special themed mystery boxes, new costumes, and a whopping eleven mounts can be unlocked.

Houses of Horror Contest Announced

Trove players are being challenged by Trion with a new contest called "Houses of Horror". During the event, players are challenged to create Halloween house of terror, perhaps a recreation of a horror movie scene or a scene straight out of a nightmare. The contest will run for the next four weeks with some pretty cool prizes for winners.

Jurassic Jungle Biome & Dinos Galore Enter Game

Trion's Trove has been updated with a bunch of marauding dinosaurs that rampage through the new Jurassic Jungle biome. Who better to deal with them is the new Dino Tamer class with a totally new way of taking on these prehistoric baddies.

360 Games to Take Trion's Voxel Phenomenon to China

Trion Worlds has announced a partnership deal with China's 360 Games to bring its voxel-based hit, Trove, to that country's market. Trove will arrive in China in 2017 with a fully localized version that will include all current content and custom content created specifically for the Chinese market.

Big Prizes Anchor First Year Birthday Bash

The Trove team is celebrating the game's first birthday in an explosive way with big prizes anchoring the event. Players have a chance to win the Dragon Force that unlocks all dragons at once. They can also score It's Raining Mounts that unlocks tons of mounts or they can win a year's Patron Pass.

Headed to Consoles Later in 2016

Trion Worlds has announced that Trove will be heading to both PlayStation 4 and XBox One later in 2016. The announcement comes alongside the game's first anniversary celebration that is packed with promotions, parties, activities and prizes.

New Essentials Pack to Jump Start Your Adventures

Trion Worlds has announced the new Trove Essentials Pack that provides enough class coins to unlock up to ten classes, the Wings of the Phoenix, the Trovian Supercycle along with ten other mounts, the S.S. Trovian ship and much more.

Soundtrack Volume 1 Now Available

Trion Worlds is inviting Trove players to relax to the chill tunes found in the game. Volume 1 of the Trove soundtrack is now available on the Trion Worlds Store for $7 and includes eighteen tracks. You can check out samples of each one by visiting the Trove Soundtrack Volume 1 page.

Glyph Beta Opt-In Program Announced

Trion Worlds has announced a new program to allow players to assist the Glyph team in ensuring that the launcher is the best it can be. Interested parties can opt-in to receive Glyph updates before they are widely released and allow the team to push updates to a smaller group of individuals "without disrupting the stability of the external build available to the general public".

Mantle of Power Expansion Arrives for All

All Trove players are invited to head into the game beginning today to enjoy the big expansion that Mantle of Power represents. There are new worlds to explore, a higher level cap, gems to help bring new power to players and new enemies to face off against.

Mantle of Power Head Start

Trove players who prepurchased Mantle of Power bundles now have access to the game's big expansion. Mantle of Power will become available to all players on April 26th. With the new gem feature, players will be able to enhance the abilities and power of their characters.

Mantle of Power Head Start & Early Access Packages Available

Trion Worlds has announced that advanced sales of the Mantle of Power expansion for Trove are now available. Ranging in price from $15-$75, each comes with a nicely appointed package of in-game items.

Mantle of Power Empowered Gems Preview

Trion has released a new developer post that lays out all one of the cool new things coming to Trove with the Mantle of Power expansion. The article gives detailed information about the creation and use of Empowered Gems as well as about the portals that lead to areas where gems can be acquired and how they can be leveled up, removed and reapplied and much more.