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Trove Articles

360.Games Suddenly Crops Up with Trove Forums & Advertising

Over a year after the announcement that Trion's Trove MMO would be heading to China, it appears that a publisher has been found. Earlier today, 360.games enabled Trove forums and an advertisement on its site.

Adventures Content Expansion Coming on November 14th

Ricky "Din Othar" White, Senior Producer on Trove, has penned a new letter on the official site to reveal the first information on what he calls "a massive free content expansion for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4". Called Adventures, the content drop is expected to take place on November 14th.

Subclasses Coming in Eclipse Previewed

When the Trove content expansion, Eclipse, launches, it will bring the new subclass feature on board. When players reach level 10, they'll have the ability to unlock a subclass that's based on any one of the other 15 classes. A stat boost and a passive skill will also unlock.

Eclipse to Arrive on August 22nd

Trove players will be able to celebrate the upcoming solar eclipse with the Eclipse content expansion set to hit both PC and console on August 22nd. Players will be able to take part in new class customization options, take part in Shadow Titan battles, check out the Trove Atlas maps, work with gem forging and much more.

'I've Got a Golden Ticket (Chest)' and May Win Mounts & More

The Trove Sunfest Daily Login Bonus Celebration will kick off on July 12th and run through July 24th. During the event, players can earn Golden Ticket Chests that can see a number of pretty sweet items dropped including the Hyper Pinata EX mount or the Draconic Superiority Complex prize that can unlock 15 dragons.

Megalithic Update Goes Live

Trove has been updated with the Megalithic content expansion that brings new minigames, the Jurassic Jungle location and new "prehistoric foes" as well as the brand new Dino Tamer class.

Changing of the Guard, Krausnick Leaves, Rick White Steps In

There is a changing of the guard on the Trove team. In a new producer's letter, Andrew "Avarem" Krausnick has announced that he is leaving Trion to pursue a new job with a small studio. He calls it "getting back to basics" that will allow him to work on smaller, more experimental projects. Rick "Din Othar" White will be taking over from Krausnick and has revealed some of his vision for Trove.

Console Launch Celebration Arctic Giveaway!

To help celebrate the launch of Trove on the XBox and PS4 we are giving away special Arctic Style Packs that players can redeem on all platforms! (PC, Xbox One & PS4) These gift packs contain 6 wintry weapon styles, a cobalt blue crown, a blizzarding bull mount and more. Get your key now!

Console Versions Are a Go!

PlayStation 4 and XBox One players will be happy to hear that Trove has successfully exited beta testing and is now in full release. To celebrate, Trion has released a Getting Started video to help get newbs started in the game by introducing some of its console features including the new Inventory AI, Loot Collector and more.

Players Can Look for Loot Collector & Inventory Upgrades

Trion has a new post on the Trove site that will be welcome news to console players. Console versions of the game will be officially launching on March 14th with some nifty improvements to a pair of UI systems: Inventory and Loot Collector.

Voxel Adventures for Consoles to Launch on March 14th

Trion Worlds has sent word that Trove for PlayStation 4 and XBox One will officially launch on March 14th and that nearly four million players have taken part in the console open beta. PlayStation 4 players who take part in the currently ongoing beta will receive the Chromatic Cumulus mount, while XBox One players enjoying the beta will receive the Trovian Tumbler mount.

XBox One Version Nearing Launch

The Trove site has a new post that gives an update about the impending launch of the XBox One version. During a recent PlayStation 4 update to make improvements to console stability, a couple of other bugs were found requiring another small patch. The team is working on an XBox One update that will bring the contents of both patches on board simultaneously. Add in that the game has been submitted for launch and we now know that Trove XBox One version is coming soon!

Infestation Of Hellbugs Celebrates Valentine's Day

Get ready to fall in love when the Hellbug infestation begins in PC version of Trove. During the special event players will work to defeat the invading Hellbugs for a chance of scoring a legendary dragon mount and a bashful love bug mount. In addition, there are new costumes and a special quest line available.

PlayStation 4 and XBox One Beta to Begin December 13th

In a brief note on the Trove site, Trion has let console players know that both the PlayStation 4 and XBox One beta will start on Tuesday, December 13th.

Celebrate Upcoming PS4/XB1 Release by Smackin' Pinatas

Trove players can take part in celebratory events as the Trion Worlds team works to bring the game to both PlayStation 4 and XBox One. The event is ongoing and features Pinata invaders, party animals that are ready to lay the smack-down on players but who can drop Celebratory Pinatas. Each of these can contain Pinata Coins and possibly even a pinata mount.