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Developer Journal: Music Composer

By Jon Wood on November 01, 2005 | News | 0

Trials of Ascension has released a brand new developer journal. This time around the article was penned by Benjamin C. Harris (i.e. "Ravik the Doppelganger"), the Music Composer for ToA. Harris takes us through the creation of one of the exciting pieces that will be featured in the game.

The Stalker attacks from concealment, quickly dealing out massive amounts of damage. You aren't nearly as resilient as Brutes. You are however, an excellent complement to Dominators and Corrupters. Stalkers are primarily melee-focused and do not deal in ranged attacks. The Stalker is also fantastic as a solo player, as you are capable of getting in and out quickly and effectively. For this reason, the Stalker is a very good beginner archetype.

This archetype's main Secondary Power is the ability to hide. This allows you to strike from the shadows and greatly increases your ability to get an initial critical hit. While hidden, Stalkers are able to deal out a devastating Assassin’s Strike against their unsuspecting foes. It also allows you to sneak around enemies (of similar level range) undetected.

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Jon Wood