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  • Genre:

    Action RPG
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    Real Life
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    Square Enix
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  • Release Date:

    2016 (01/20/2016)
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Triad Wars Overview

Triad Wars is an open world, asynchronous action RPG with MMO elements. The game is a free to play exclusive set in the Sleeping Dogs universe and lets you determine your path on a rise to power in the criminal underworld of the triads. How will you make your way to the top? Strategic steps like blending in a bit of extorition or money laundering in with your driving, shooting, and exploring the game's world. The city and all the power it holds is up for grabs.

  • Sleeping Dogs Universe, Expanded | With a focus on your attempt to rise to power via the city's underworld, Triad Wars expands the Sleeping Dogs universe into online multiplayer.
  • Rise Up Your Way | With an open world, and many options for what to do - drive, shoot, fight, or engage in strategic methods of strongarming yourself into power-- your path to being a kingpin is all yours to decide.
  • Free to Play Genre Blender | Triad Wars will be a free to play online game for PC. The game is an action RPG at its core with MMO elements and a good deal of open world exploration.