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Tree of Savior Articles

Founders' Packs Going Away, New Packs Announced

The Tree of Savior team has posted a short notification to announce that Founders' Packs will be removed beginning May 10th with the F2P release of the game. New bundles will be made available in 100TP / 300TP / 500TP amounts but will be limited to use in the region in which they were purchased.

Now We Know - F2P Launch Coming May 10th

IMC Games has posted a quick announcement to give Tree of Savior fans looking for the free to play version launch some great news. The F2P iteration of ToS will officially launch on May 10th. The launch was delayed slightly due to issues with founder packs and regional costs. But all that is water under the bridge and things are ready to go.

F2P Launch Delayed Due to Founders Pack Price Restructuring

The Tree of Savior team has posted a new note on the game's official site to give players information about the recent spike in the prices of Founders' Packs. Players were able to purchase packs in other regions where prices for Founders' Packs are lower, then purchase tokens and resell them on the market for silver thereby giving them an advantage in regions where the prices are not discounted.

Server Transfers Open for Approximately One Week

The Tree of Savior team has posted notification that server transfers are open and will remain so for about a week. Players can transfer their "team" to another server by submitting a support ticket for a one-way trip to the server of choice.

Guild Battles Added, Trade Restrictions Enumerated

The Tree of Savior team has posted a pair of articles of interest to players. The first is the news that guild battles have been added to the game that allow different servers to engage in PvP fights for victory. These battles take place twice a day and guilds can achieve leaderboard ranks as a result.

Compensation Offered for Dungeon Issues

IMCGames has posted a notification to Tree of Savior players to announced that, after today's maintenance, players will be offered a compensatory package of five Dungeon Reset Vouchers that can be used through April 9th. The compensation is being given due to recent issues with players being unable to access dungeons through party matchmaking.

Founders' Server Opens, First Patch Applied

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with notification that the Founders' Server is now open for business. Players who pre-purchased a founders' pack can now check out the game and the latest additions contained in the first patch.

New Worlds to be Added Gradually After F2P Conversion

The Tree of Savior team has a new post to give a few details about the transition from Early Access to free to play. From the 21st of April through the 27th of April, Early Access packages will go on sale for 30% off the normal price due to the shortened amount of time players will have access to the Founders' server.

Founder's Pack Issue Solved, Steam Packs Go On Sale

The Tree of Savior community team has closed the recent poll with players opting how much 'early access time' each of three separate Founders' Pack owners will receive. Originally planned for 3 months / 2 months / 1 month depending on package price, the length of early access has been decreased.

Making Amends: Community Poll Regarding Early Access

The Tree of Savior team has published a long article regarding the forthcoming English language launch on Steam. The post details the reasons behind the original Founders' packs and the months of early access gained for purchasing one (see the image below). After the original publication of the founder details, the community expressed dissatisfaction about the plan.

Dev Team Responds to Community Angst Over EA Plans

The Tree of Savior team is reconsidering the Founders early access plan for the game as they announced yesterday. Under the original plan, founders purchasing the most expensive package would have three months of early access; tier two founders would have two months access; and the lowest level package owners would have a month early access prior to the free to play launch in June.

EN Founders' Packs Include MONTHS of Early Access

The Tree of Savior English version is ready to hit the ground running and the team has revealed the first details about its preorder packages. Ranging from $19.99 to $49.99, the packages come with premium currency, in-game items and months of access.

Korean Version Updated With Cross-Server Grouping

The Korean version of Tree of Savior has received a large update that includes couple of interesting features that we hope to see in the Western version soon. Looking for group for dungeons and missions tool now can invite players from other servers to more quickly fill out parties. In addition Lodge leveling has been added that starting with level 2 of the Lodge providing buff to the experience gains.

Korean Version Updated With New Interesting Features

The Korean version of Tree of Savior has been updated with a few interesting new features. Players who have achieved rank 5 or higher will find a statue of their character in the northern part of city of Klaipeda.

Announcing the Announcement About Open Beta

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with a post that tells fans that the open beta is incoming and that the team will be making another announcement soon with more details.