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Tree of Savior Articles

Incentives Offered to New Players from April 4 to May 2

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with a new post that details an event that will be running from April 4th through May 2nd. During this time period, any new accounts created for ToS will receive 19 boost packs that will unlock at various character levels. Each contains a number of items such as EXP tomes, Warp Scrolls, Soul Crystals and more.

Large Patch to Bring Dedicated Farming Zones

A new Tree of Savior patch is slated for deployment later this evening that will bring a unique feature into the game in the form of Hunting Grounds. These are dedicated locations simply for the pure act of hunting to farm. There are no quests, no objectives, not even any bosses. They can be accessed at a player's will both cooperatively in a party or solo. Silver and item drops also have higher drop rates in Hunting Grounds.

Nexon Makes 'Strategic Investment' in IMC Games

Nexon has announced that Nexon Korea has made a "strategic investment" in IMC Games, creators of both Tree of Savior and Granada Espada. This investment provides the opportunity for Nexon to assist IMC with continued development of Tree of Savior and to see the launch of Tree of Savior: Mobile Relaunch come to fruition in the coming months.

Preliminary Balance Pass Detailed

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with a new blog post to give players a first look at a recent balance pass by the development team. The changes mentioned have not been deployed and are in the preliminary phase, but the team wanted players to see the line of thought with regard to forthcoming alterations in game play.

New Dev Posts Outlines Steps to Reduce Class Disparity

A new developer blog post has been published on the Tree of Savior site that details steps that the team is taking to reduce class disparity. Having solicited feedback from the community, and after having deployed five patches already, there are two more in the works that will bring even more parity among classes. Barbarian, Rune Caster, Cannonneer and Monk are profiled in this journal entry.

Harvest  Festival Detailed, Set to Kick Off on Nov 15

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with the news that the game's Harvest Festival event will kick off after maintenance on November 15th and will run through December 6th. Players will be able to start it by taking an Event Seed once per day from the Event Notice Board.

Nexon & IMC Games Reveal First Mobile Trailer

Nexon and IMC Games have released the first Korean-version of the mobile remake of Tree of Savior. The overall look of the game is the same as the online version as well as world design, beginning classes and advanced jobs. Players will also be able to take on the world with party members.

Pumpkins & Cubes Halloween Event Begins October 25th

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with the news that the Pumpkins & Cubes Halloween event will kick off on October 25th and will run through November 22nd. During the event, players can take on demon bosses to earn Halloween Cubes and Pumpkin Candies. Cubes contain random items while Pumpkin Candy increases stats.

Content Expansion Brings Four New Classes

The latest Tree of Savior content expansion has been launched that brings a higher level cap, four new classes, over thirty new quests, new gear and items and three new field bosses.

Transcendence System Detailed in New Dev Blog

Tree of Savior players looking to create weapons, armor or accessories of great power will be interested in the latest developer blog on the official site. In it, the team writes about the processes required to created transcended items.

Rank 8 Update Coming in September with 24 New Classes

The Tree of Savior team has posted a detailed developer blog to show players the Rank 8 Update that will be deployed in September. With the arrival of Rank 8, twenty-four new classes will be added, each completely unique with its own "concepts". In addition, the level cap will increase to 330.

Team Battle League PvP To Begin July 26th

The Tree of Savior team has posted the first information about a new PvP content coming to the game. Players from the same regional servers can participate in 2v2 or 5v5 battles operating on a best of three system. In 5v5 matches winning teams will accumulate rank and earn a PvP currency to use in a special shop as well as a unique icon next to the team's name. Rankings will be set on a weekly basis.

Team to Implement Anti-Bot / Exploit  Detection

In the latest developer Q&A posted to the official site, the Tree of Savior team speaks about server closures designed to create a controlled environment in which to research and implement anti-bot / exploit detection measures. Once these are in place, they've written, servers will be reopened.

Regional Cross Server Party Matching Hotfixed In

The Tree of Savior team has posted a brief notice that regional cross server party matching has been hotfixed into the game.

F2P Version Launches Today Alongside New SEA Server

Tree of Savior NA / EU will be launching its free-to-play version after maintenance today. In addition, the brand new SEA server, Varena, will be opening as well. The team will be monitoring incoming players to determine if any new servers will need to be added to the currently existing ones.