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Tree of Savior Articles

Tree of Savior Players Invited to Try Out New Classes & Combos

From July 2nd through July 30th, Tree of Savior players of level 50+ are invited to head to the Reset Helper. Doing so will reset all of a player's abilities to allow them to try out new class combinations by acquiring a Stat Reset Potion and Class Change Vouchers. This can be done once per day for the duration of the event.

Several New Classes & Zones Arrive in New Tree of Savior Update

Tree of Savior is getting a beefy new update today that includes four new races, new zones to explore and an increased level cap to 420. Players will be able to check out the Matross, Tiger Hunter, Ardito and Sheriff as well as take part in events to earn Premium Costumes for each. Players can also explore several new areas that are packed with new, challenging monsters and should boost them along the way to the new 420 cap.

Pied Piper & Exorcist Arrive in Game with New Dungeon & Much More

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with the game's latest patch notes that reveal lots of new content anchored by the arrival of the Pied Piper and Exorcist classes. In addition, the Remnants of Bernice solo dungeon is now open and the Beauty Shop is primed and ready to create the perfect look for players' characters.

Healing Classes See Big Changes on the Horizon

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with a new post to lay out big changes coming for all of the healing classes in the game. This is part of the overall "intense balance" pass that the team has been working on for the past several months. There is no specific information about when update will be deployed and the pass is still considered a work in progress.

Guild Territory Wars Beta Tests Begin

The Tree of Savior team is ready to let players in to beta test the forthcoming Guild Territory Wars feature. A special beta event will take place for one week beginning May 17th. Those groups and individuals taking part will be provided with a number of in-game rewards for their participation. The event will take place on the Klaipeda NA server and all NA guilds are invited to join in.

2nd Steam Anniversary Event, 'Invited Ones', to Last Nine Weeks

The Tree of Savior team is inviting all players to come and participate in the Invited Ones in-game event starting tomorrow. The special DLC lasts for nine weeks and has been created in celebration of the game's second Steam anniversary. Players begin by accessing the free Second Anniversary Present from the in-game shop that contains a Warp Scroll to teleport them to the Event Helper NPC who will hand over the List of Invited Masters that players will work to defeat.

With Server Merges Coming Next Week, Devs Urge Players to Prepare

Tree of Savior North American and SEA servers will be merging on March 13th and the dev team wants to make sure that everyone is adequately prepared for the big day. To help ensure all the "ducks are in a row", the official site has been updated with a handy check list of "must-do" items before next week's merges take place.

SEA & North American Server Merges Incoming, New Swordsman Class Announced

The Tree of Savior devs have announced incoming server merges coming to both SEA and North American regional clusters. North American servers Klaipeda and Orsha will be merged while Telsiai and Varena servers will be combined in the SEA region. This is the first notification to the player base with the merges taking place on March 13th. The team has provided an extensive FAQ for players that gives additional and more account-specific information.

Latest Update Brings Class Rank 8, Increased Max Level & More

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with detailed patch notes about the latest update being applied to the game. Most notably, players can look forward to a level cap increase to 360, an increased maximum character rank to 9, four new classes added to Class Rank 8 (Matador, Shadowmancer, Bullet Marker & Zealot), class advancement unlocked for a limited time and much more.

Creepy Klaipeda Event from Tomorrow Through November 21st

Tree of Savior players will be able to take part in some Halloween fun thanks to the arrival of the Creepy Klaipeda event that begins on Tuesday, October 24th and runs through Tuesday, November 21st. During the event, players can speak to the Scaredy Scarecrow to gain entrance to the dungeon of the same name as the event. During the time in dungeon, players attack monsters and fellow Saviors to earn Treats.

Next Series of Combat System Changes Detailed

The Tree of Savior site has been updated with a lengthy blog post about forthcoming changes to the combat system. Revisions will be targeting skill balance, summon AI, armor, PvP and boss cards by checking on "usability and balance" in particular.

Big Combat Changes Headed Into the Game on May 16th

Over the past few weeks, the Tree of Savior team has been laying out the changes coming to combat when the next major DLC pack goes live. It appears that the day is at hand with the free upgrade to ToS headed into the game on May 16th.

Latest Dev Blog Details Changes to Skills & Dealing Damage

The Tree of Savior team has another detailed blog post about upcoming changes to the Combat System in a future update. In this third article in a series, the way that skills work to deal damage is profiled. The article is packed with charts to show before and after metrics along with more specific examples from any one of a number of abilities and classes.

Basic & Combat Stat Changes Subject of New Q&A

As part of a running series of Q&A sessions with players about upcoming changes to Tree of Savior, the team has published a new look at how basic and combat stats will be altered. Questions cover a range of topics with detailed answers that include graphs and statistics and more.

Players Invited to Become Cherry Blossom Heroes

Tree of Savior players are being invited to a special event that asks them to become Cherry Blossom Heroes. During the event, players will descend into Vubbes' Lair to retrieve Cherry Blossom Cubes in order to stop those who want to steal spring.