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    Travian Games, GmbH
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    Q3 2016
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Travian: Kingdoms Overview

First published in March 2015, thousands of players around the world enjoy Travian: Kingdoms. This game revised completely the older brother Travian: Legends – packing in even more gaming enjoyment! The game’s beloved principles remain unchanged: you must found a Roman, Gallic or Teuton village and use skill and tactics to build your sleepy hamlet into a mighty empire. Just like its predecessor, you can play Travian: Kingdoms free-of-charge in a browser. The real test comes as the game progresses: establishing diplomatic contacts, reaching trade agreements and keeping your village supplied is quite a challenge.

  • Kingdoms/Alliance system | Beginners as well as veterans will be thoroughly satisfied by choosing between playing as a governor to guard the economic power of their kingdom or to play as a king and to be responsible for the military power of their kingdom and the protection of their subjects. Players profit by their close collarboration as a common kingdom and have to compete against other kingdoms. For this kings are able to form an alliance of three kings.
  • Four different tribes | Players are able to choose between the tribes Teutons, peaceful Gauls and highly developed Romans and experience the different strengths but also weaknesses. The Natars, the fourth tribe, have to be fought by all the other tribes.
  • Mobile app | The Travian app allows players on iOS and Android to enjoy the full gaming experience. In cooperation with the experts at RockAByte from Cologne, the Travian developers have been able to transfer the whole depth and complexity around of Travian to mobile devices.