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Travian Overview

Travian is a browser-based MMORTS based upon the culture and militaristic traditions of Ancient Rome and Greece. Players begin as a lowly village leader and aim, as in most RTS games, to collect resources, conduct research, and ultimately build and expand an empire with the hopes of becoming supreme in the world. The game has three playable tribes to choose from, and is free-to-play, although players can buy gold with real money and affect in-game operations such as production to gain an advantage.


  • Three Playable Tribes | Choose from the three playable tribes of Romans, Gauls, and Teutons.
  • Build Your Village | Collect and upgrade resources, construct and expand buildings, and train and deploy troops as you develop your village.
  • Make Alliances | Diplomacize and form alliances with other players to attain victory.
  • Play with Others | Interact with thousands of other players and check your rankings on the leaderboards.

Sponsored Travian: Path to Pandora Special Anniversary Server Detailed

Travian is getting ready to celebrate its 14th anniversary and this year promises to be bigger than ever. For the past 5 years, developers have treated players to a specially created server with unique mechanics and ways to play an old favorite. This year, developers have even more to add than ever before, effectively re-inventing the game.

Fire & Sand Expansion is the Biggest in Game's History

Travian has expanded with the deployment of the Fire & Sand expansion. The team calls it the biggest content upgrade in the game's 14-year history. To celebrate the expansion's launch, Travian Games has released a brand new trailer that shows off the two new factions: Huns and Egyptians.

Largest-Ever Update to be Deployed in September

Fourteen year-old Travian is going to receive its largest-ever update come September. Called "Fire and Sand", the update will be released in time to celebrate the venerable game's birthday. The update most notably brings two new tribes into the game, the Huns and Egyptians, each with their own playstyle and special units, unique hero ability and dedicated buildings.