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Traveller AR Overview

Traveller AR is a sci-fi MMORPG from Ingz based on the acclaimed Traveller pen & paper RPG, bringing that classic universe right to your iPhone. TAR is full of unique features for an iPhone game, such as 3D visual immersion, Portal-View Technology, Hexmode, and the Nav-Wheel interface, all which aim to bring iPhone gamers the fullest Traveller MMO experience possible. TAR also comes with the extensive and well-known Traveller world packed into compact size, complete with three playable careers (Spacer, Trader, Scout), five playable races (Vilani, Zhodani, Aslan, Vargr, Hiver), six ship classes, five classes of space stations, and 198 sectors of Traveller universe to explore. Dig a dollar out from the couch cushions or car ashtray and buy Traveller AR from the iPhone App Store today!


  • Traveller Universe | Traveller was one of the earliest popular sci fi tabletop RPGs, and Traveller AR keeps true to the Traveller universe and revives it on your iPhone.
  • Portal View | TAR uses Portal View Technology in association with your iPhone’s camera to ‘augment’ your reality around you. With it on, holding your iPhone out and looking through the screen and camera will render space, ships, stations, and planets in 3D around you!
  • Nav-Wheel | This interface item allows you to play TAR skillfully, intuitively, and helps make best use of the iPhone platform for engaging strategic play.
  • Hex Mode | Brings the feel of playing classic Traveller right to your fingertips, by allowing you to zoom fully in and fully out, sector to sector, from the smallest ship to the vastness of open space.
  • Mobile MMORPG | Traveller AR is currently available for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch, with other mobile devices coming soon!