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    Action RPG
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    Supergiant Games
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Transistor Overview

Transistor is an action RPG with tactical, turn-based combat from Supergiant Games. It follows the silent protagonist, Red, a singer whose voice has been stolen after a night of chaos and death. Red finds herself pursued, along with the mysterious intelligent, talking sword, Transistor, by The Process. The sword becomes both her guide and her weapon, as she goes on a journey to fight back and possibly regain what has been lost. FEATURES
  • Turn-based Combat | The game's battles are a blend of traditional realtime combat and turn-based tactical strategy. Choose and plan your series of moves, and even utilize combos for maximum effect.
  • Aesthetical Impact | he game's art style and use of music have been noted as standouts in this narrative-driven game.
  • Level Your Way | Earning experience lets you choose your abilities as well as upgrade them from a selection of options of your choice. Turn a stun into an AOE, add an effect to a travel power. It's up to you. Try something you don't like? Undo it.
Red is the New Black

Transistor, the visually and aurally arresting follow up to Supergiant Games’ Bastion, is a perfect example of what an indie developer can do when not beholden to the whims of chairmen and stockholders. Transistor is a gorgeous, witty, emotionally resonant, and has one of the most unique and enticing combat systems we’ve played in years. Read on for our full review, and see why it trumps its predecessor in many ways.