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Transformers Universe Articles

Jagex & Hasbro Agree to Close the Doors

Jagex and Hasbro have agreed to shut down Transformers Universe on January 31, 2015. The closure comes about a month after Jagex announced downsizing of the development team, a fairly normal occurrence after a game is released. Jagex will focus on its existing IPs while Hasbro will pursue other game options for the Transformers IP.

Wheeljack & Knock Out Confirmed as Playable Warriors

Jagex has confirmed the next two warriors headed to Transformers Universe. According to press information, news of the inclusion of these two warriors based on characters from the TV show was leaked over night. While Jagex is willing to confirm that both Wheeljack and Knock Out are coming to TU, no further details will be released for the time being.

Two New Bots Join the Fray

Jagex has announced the arrival of two new bots in Transformers Universe. Blade wielding Macro is joined by counterpart Decepticon and very stealthy Firebreaker. According to Jagex, the game will continue to see new Transformers added over time that expand the game's diversity and the dynamics of battle.

Motorbikes Swagger and Diabla Enter the Game

Two new motorbikes have entered Transformers Universe Online. Swagger (Autobot) and Diabla (Decepticon) zoomed into the game during the latest update and the pair are the first new bots to debut in game since it entered open beta.

Beta Cash Prize Winners Announced

Earlier this month, Transformers Universe celebrated a pair of open beta weekends. During each weekend, players were invited to climb to the top of the leaderboards to grab a share of the $75,000 prize pool. Today, Jagex announced the winners, each taking home $3,000, $1,500 or $500 depending on placement on the leaderboard.

Open Beta to Kick off This Weekend

Interested in checking out Transformers Universe? You won't have long to wait as Jagex has announced the commencement of the open beta this July 4th weekend. To celebrate the announcement, the team has lots of activities including $75,000 in weekend prizes.

Under the Hood Developer Video Series Kicks Off

The Transformers Universe team has started a new "Under the Hood" video series that will give players insight into the forthcoming title. In the first edition, devs discuss crafting, give viewers a peek into the Founders program and introduce some of the voices behind the characters. Check it out!

Two New Bots: Showdown and Mismatch Join the Fight

This week Jagex revealed two new 'bots are joining the Transformers Universe. Defensive mech "Showdown" protects allies with his shield and "Showdown Shuffle" while scavenger Mismatch uses his rockets and explosive minigun to take enemies to school.

Founder's Packs Announced

Jagex has announced that interested players can take advantage of special perks with the arrival of Transformers Universe Founder's Packs. The packs range in price from the Cybernite Pack at $449.99 to the Bronze Pack for $44.99.

Catapult & Shellshock Revealed in New Trailers

Fans of Transformers Universe will want to check out a pair of new trailers that show off new characters from the forthcoming Jagex title. Both Catapult and Shellshock get the video treatment. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Early Closed Beta Apps Being Accepted

Jagex has announced that beta applications for Transformers Universe Online are now being accepted. Players chosen to participate will have an opportunity to do so as early as this weekend so the team urges interested parties to sign up now! In addition, Jagex revealed new characters that players will have an opportunity to take charge of and, as the press release states, "wreak havoc with".

First Two Bots Revealed

Jagex, in keeping with the promise to reveal more information, has revealed the first two bots for its forthcoming MOTA (massively online, tactical action game, Transformers Universe. Meltdown on the Autobots site and Duststorm on the Decepticons site are both featured on the TU site.

Launch Dated for Summer 2014

Jagex CTO/CEO Mark Gerhard has posted a long update on the Transformers Universe site. In it, he indicates that 2013 was an important, yet quiet, year in the game's development but that things are changing forthwith. Fans can expect to get timely and frequent updates from the development team from here out. In addition, and most importantly, Gerhard announced that Transformers Universe is 100% on track for a summer release.

Several Members Let Go in Reorganization Move

Jagex has announced that thirteen members of the Transformers Online team have been let go as development of a proprietary engine has been stopped. In addition, Eurogamer is reporting that Hasbro is encouraging Jagex to get TO out the door by year's end.

Film Director Takes Reins as Creative Director

Jagex has announced that "renowned writer and director Alex de Rakoff" has taken the position of Creative Director for the company. de Rakoff is best known for "The Calcium Kid" and Dead Man Running.