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Tower of Fantasy Articles

Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion is Coming March 12th and Bringing Angels and Epic Battles With It

The Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion collaboration, Evangelion Fantasy, has a launch date and new details. Expect new story, fight alongside Evangelion characters, and even get an Asuka simulacrum.

Tower of Fantasy Gives Yanuo a Flashy Showcase Full of Combos, Concealment and Deadly Strikes

Yanuo, Tower of Fantasy's latest simulacrum, is out now, and there's a new showcase showing off her strategic, explosive, and icy kit.

Tower of Fantasy Showcases Yanuo and Her Deadly, Icy Combos in New Showcase

Yanuo joins the Tower of Fantasy roster tomorrow, and there's a new showcase showing off the latest simulacrum and her weapon, Wicked.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces the Mysterious Double Agent Yanuo, a New Simulacrum Coming Next Week

Tower of Fantasy is set to get its next simulacrum, Yanuo, on February 20th. In a new trailer, we get to meet her and see just why she makes such a good double agent.

Tower of Fantasy 3.6, 'Beyond Horizon' Brings New Maps, More Main Story, New Simulacrum Plotti, and Gifts

Tower of Fantasy is getting ready to launch 3.6, "Beyond Horizons", tomorrow, and the update details are out. Expect new story, new bosses, giveaways, new maps, and Plotti and her weapon, EP-7000 Skyfire. 

Tower of Fantasy 'Evangelion Fantasy' Collaboration Details, a Classic Server, and More on Next Week's 3.6 Update

Tower of Fantasy has shared details on the upcoming collaboration with classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. The team also previewed version 3.6's new simulacrum, Plotti, and the global Classic server.

Tower of Fantasy Goes 'Beyond Horizons' in its Next Major Update, With New Map, and a Main Story Chapter

Tower of Fantasy is heading to new terrain in the next major update, "Beyond Horizons", launching v 3.6 on January 30th. There's an all-new map, Aquaville, a new main story, "Impending Storm", new quests, and a looming battle with the Hive Mother. A new world may just be on the horizon after all.

Magical Girl With a Dual-Elemental Twist, Brevey Comes to Tower of Fantasy Tomorrow

Tower of Fantasy is getting ready to welcome its newest simulacrum, Brevey, in tomorrow's update. Also in the update are some new events, new seasons, and more.

Tower of Fantasy Introduces More Sophisticated, Hopeful Magical Girl Simulacrum, Brevey

The new year, means a new simulacrum for Tower of Fantasy. Previously revealed in December, there's a new story trailer introducing the next addition, Brevey and her weapon, Pactcrest Metz..

Tower of Fantasy Unveils Next Two Simulacra, Yan Miao and Brevey, and Winter Festival Details

Tower of Fantasy  is gearing up for its 3.5 update on December 21st, and the team has revealed a new story trailer for the next simulacrum to join the roster -Yan Miao. 

Tower of Fantasy's Next Major Update Coming Soon, With Major Evangelion Collaboration in 2024

Tower of Fantasy will get an Evangelion collaboration in 2024, with characters from the iconic anime to feature. On the way this month is version 3.5, "Winter's Electrifying Rhapsody" with a whole lot to keep you busy.

Tower of Fantasy 3.4 is Now on PlayStation, With Events, Twitch Drops, and New Simulacrum, Nan Yin

Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation has just gotten version 3.4, "Butterfly in the Abyss". This brings new simulacrum Nan Yin on her mysterious dark plot, expands Marshville, and more adjustments.

Tower of Fantasy Unveils Next Simulacrum, the Dark and Mysterious Nan Yin

Tower of Fantasy gets its next simulacrum on November 21st, and Nan Yin, who "controls the dead with her flute" just might be the darkest and layered yet. 

Tower of Fantasy Butterfly in the Abyss Sends Us Deeper info Marshville, Offering New Bosses, Mode, and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy 3.4, Butterfly in the Abyss, is coming on November 21st. Head further into Marshville, where the bitter winds blow, and even more dangers lurk.

Tower of Fantasy Adds Snowy Zone of Marshville, and Showcases Frost Simulacrum Ling Han

Tower of Fantasy has released a showcase for the next simulacrum, Ling Han and her weapon, Alabaster Tiger, both of which arrive in today's update, "A Sword Dance of Ice". PlayStation players also get Ling Han in a new update.