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Total War: Three Kingdoms Announces Dynasty Mode

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Total War: Three Kingdoms announced a new Dynasty Mode via press release, which will release alongside the Eight Princes Chapter Pack DLC on August 8th.

Dynasty mode looks to be a horde-style mode, allowing you to test your skill against waves of enemies with ever-increasing difficulty.

Developed in partnership with Intel, Dynasty Mode, “will take extra advantage of your hardware to render larger and larger unit sizes depending on your PC’s spec.” You’ll be able to play solo or online in three-player co-op.

Scoring works by awarding points:

  • Every time you damage a unit
  • Every time you kill a unit or cause them to retreat
  • At the end of a wave

Regarding PC performance with an ever-increasing horde, the blog reads,

“Dynasty Mode was developed in conjunction with Intel’s engineers to help the THREE KINGDOMS engine take better advantage of multi-core CPUs. Increasing unit sizes creates a greater CPU overhead, with more unit interactions and calculations required at the entity level. This enhanced multithreading enables superior performance the more cores the CPU has, so moving from quad-core to hex-core and eight-core processors is where you see the greatest framerate gains.”


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