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    Action RPG
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    XD Network
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    Beta Testing
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Torchlight Infinite Overview

Torchlight Infinite is an upcoming mobile game set in the Torclight universe. It is being developed by XD Network and is currently in Beta testing with a launch estimated sometime later in 2022.

In the era of Ember Technology, 200 years since the events of Torchlight II, humans have resorted to Ember as the main source of power for machinery operation and magic practices. Behind the facade of a prosperous civilization, the corrupting influence of Ember is beginning to wreak havoc on the land and the lives that depend on it.

As civilization faces unprecedented crisis, an elite task force of fighters emerges. Through persistence and perseverance, they prevail in the face of darkness - they are Torchlight. Each member of Torchlight carries with them incredible strength and unique powers as they embark on an epic quest to defeat evil forces and achieve salvation.


  • Over 180 skills across 24 unique skill trees.
  • Randomized dungeons and loot drops
  • Choose your own hero and customize your play style