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Torchlight III Articles

Torchlight III Closed Beta Ends Friday, Coinciding with Live Stream

The upcoming Torchlight III will be ending its Closed Beta this Friday, May 29th as announced via a news post on Steam. Additionally, the developers announced a Twitch stream this Friday at 11:00am PDT,

Skills Completely Reworked in Torchlight III's Latest Patch

In a new post over on their Steam community, the Torchlight III team have released some pretty extensive patch notes which point to a complete skill rework for all classes.

Torchlight III Highlights New Fort System In Video

Torchlight III might be a continuation of the ARPG gameplay everyone has come to love in the franchise, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Runic Games from adding new systems to the mix. In a new video, the team highlights their Fort system, giving a glimpse into making the world around you a little bit more to your liking.

Gear Gets Tweaked and Fixed in Torchlight III Patch

The latest Torchlight III patch tweaks gear, in addition to the usual round of fixes.

Torchlight III Announces New Sharpshooter Hero Class

The Sharpshooter is the latest class to be revealed for Torchlight III. Here are the details.

Adjustments Coming to Torchlight III Following Feedback

As a result of player feedback, Torchlight III is receiving some adjustments for skills, combat, and more.

Opinion: Torchlight 3 - Echtra Games Made A Mistake

This week Echtra Games announced that Torchlight Frontiers is no more, but declared, long live Torchlight 3. Max Schaefer stated plainly in the announcement video that, throughout the alpha and development cycle Torchlight Frontiers “told” them that it preferred to be the spiritual successor to Torchlight 1 and 2. The reveal of changing everything from how you pay to how you play says something very different to me, and it isn’t very good.