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Torchlight 2 Articles

Opening Cinematic Unleashed

Runic Games and Klei Entertainment have unleashed the opening cinematic trailer for Torchlight II. Called "New Heroes Will Arise", the trailer bridges the gap between the ending events of the original Torchlight and the upcoming Torchlight II. Enjoy!

Fansite FAQ Updated with Possible Release Date

The Torchlight II FAQ has been updated with the news, straight from Runic it's said, that the action RPG is estimated to be released in "November or December of this year, unless, and I quote, "someone on the team dies." Hope that no one dies."

Coming to XBox Live

In today's post on the MMORPG.com Staff Blog, Bill Murphy takes a quick look at Runic Games' Torchlight as it is set to arrive on XBox Live tomorrow. Bill talks about what will make or break Torchlight for XB fans. Check it out!

Multiplayer Video Released

Torchlight 2 developer, Runic Games, has released the first trailer showing off multiplayer action. The video starts with a reminder that what kept most people from giving the original Torchlight a perfect 10 was the lack of multiplayer. The video then goes on to show in-game footage of players working cooperatively in several overland locations.

Max Schaefer Interview

With the announcement of Torchlight II barely a day old, Gamasutra fired off several questions to Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer. The interview covers a variety of topics but of most interest to our readers is a discussion about the reasons behind a cooperative Torchlight before releasing the MMO.

Sequel Announced with Co-Op Play

Runic Games has announced that Torchlight 2 is currently in development and a new website for the sequel to the award-winning Torchlight has already launched. Torchlight 2 will feature cooperative play, a feature missing in the original game.

The Plot Thickens

Yesterday, Runic Games showed off a partially revealed image and today more of that same image is revealed. Speculation is that it has a lot to do with Runic's upcoming MMO based on its best-selling single-player RPG, Torchlight. See what you think!

Any Ideas?

The Torchlight team put up a mysterious message on the official site. We won't spoil it with our speculation but wondered what you think it could be?

MMO Details Revealed in Latest PC Gamer

Runic Games are revealing some details on the MMO rendition of the smash-hit dungeon crawler Torchlight in the newest issue of PC Gamer.

Game on Mac: Torchlight Giveaway

Our sister site Game on Mac is giving away five copies of the Mac version of Runic Games' smash hit dungeon crawler Torchlight on Steam. All you have to do is sign up and enter to win, that's it! The contest will be running from June 4 through June 9, with a random drawing to be held at 9PM EST on June 9. Much like our contests here at MMORPG.com, logging into your Game on Mac account each day increases your chances of winning.

Perfect World Acquires Majority Stake in Torchlight Dev

Chinese game publisher Perfect World, responsible for the eponymous MMORPG Perfect World as well as the upcoming 2.5D Battle of the Immortals has acquired a majority stake in Runic Entertainment, the folks behind the Diablo-inspired hit Torchlight.

Discussing the Torchlight MMO

Now that the single player version of Runic Games' Torchlight has been released, Carolyn Koh spoke with Travis Baldree, John Dunbar and Jason Beck about their plans to turn the game into an MMO.

New Screenshots

The team from Torchlight has provided us with these four new screenshots from their upcoming game.

Alchemist Class Trailer

This latest trailer introduces us to the Alchemist class. The Alchemist embarks on his adventure to Torchlight after hearing of the town's large concentration of Ember, which he uses to fuel his magical art. Functionally, the Alchemist is a ranged attack class that makes heavy use of pets.

Vanquisher Class Trailer

Shown for the first time at this year's PAX, the Vanquisher joins the Torchlight cast as the game's resident femme fatale, making use of expert marksman skills and traps to debilitate her foes.