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    Real Life
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    Battlehouse Inc.
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Thunder Run : Firestrike Overview

Thunder Run: Firestrike is the modern combat follow-up release to Thunder Run: War of Clans (winner of Facebook’s 2013 Best New Game in Hardcore Strategy). Continuing with the military theme in the social Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS, MMO, RTS) genre, Thunder Run: Firestrike is available to play for free.

In Thunder Run: Firestrike, players build an elite army and wage war using battalions based on real-world military units. The game is free to play, and pits player vs player using micro unit control pulse-pounding battles, reminiscent of the gameplay of hits like Starcraft and Command and Conquer. Weekly events, new unit releases, and a proprietary clan communication platform keeps you dialed in with guns ready. Awaiting orders commander!

  • Fantastic Unit Control! | No more frustrations with unit AI. Use your battalions to their fullest – with unit control, you are directing the battle! Stage coordinated assaults, lure enemy units into ambushes. Outwit, outsmart, outplay your opponents.
  • Play anywhere! | Play for free on HTML5 based MMORTS platform, which will work on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari without the need for plugins
  • Real world Feel! | Engage in strategic, real-time combat with modern tanks, infantry and air support. Loot and unlock cutting edge military hardware, from FIM-92 Stingers to the M1 Abrams!
  • Play with Friends! | Proprietary communication platform ClanHQ lets players coordinate and socialize in private chats, closed groups, and global chats.
  • Loads of Content to Uncover! | Weekly challenges, leaderboards, contests and events will make sure there’s always something waiting for you when you play. And we’re adding things all the time!
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Unlock a vast range of combat units from M1 Abrams tanks Ka-50 helicopters to space-age warships. Develop your strategic fortress, placing every building exactly where you want. Upgrade realistic military war equipment from cluster bombs to anti-aircraft missiles.