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Therian Saga Overview

Therian Saga is an open world sandbox-style role playing game for the PC in which players explore the rich and elaborate world of Myriaden, progress through a compelling storyline, all while navigating an entertaining and complex crafting system. From the city of Hawkoria, to the tower of Serwins and the Forest of Orogoi, you search for new resources, collect items and recruit new companions. With no scripted end, players control their own destiny and write their own stories all while interacting and collaborating with a welcoming community of loyal players in this free-to-play indie game.

Asynchronous RPG with Multiple Heroes | Your fully customizable heroes have their own autonomy and follow different evolution paths within the game. You prepare each of their days by establishing a queue of actions, which they then carry out whether you are online or not. As you get better at managing their time, your heroes can amass wealth, further develop their skills and grow to become the greatest craftsmen in the kingdom!

Sophisticated Crafting System & Auction House | Players must collaborate with others to become a renowned artisan who creates prestigious and rare objects. Specializing in one or many of 20 available professions, players begin crafting objects using their collected resources. From raw material, such as wood, metal or stone, players will progressively create more refined objects that will eventually inherit the properties of its components. As new objects are crafted, players can decide to keep or trade them at the auction house.

Explore a Vast and Beautiful World | As you explore 24 regions throughout the continent of Myriaden, Therian Saga’s elaborate story is revealed. You will learn of the continent’s history, which was abandoned 700 years prior following a mysterious and tragic event. You will discover unknown places and collect coveted materials such as new fauna, flora, minerals and other resources that will help you progress. But, you must also be adequately prepared to face the wilderness as you confront hostile territories.

Multi-Player Collaboration and a Loyal Community | Therian Saga’s guild system allows players to regroup in party, but it also unlocks new dimensions of the game! As players form guilds, they rely on shared public infrastructure to establish guild “influence” over certain regions in Myriaden, while also gaining access to rare resources and, ultimately, accessing higher levels of crafting. In addition, unlike many other online RPGs, a positive synergy and mutually beneficial relationship exists between single, new players and advanced guild members. Therian Saga’s most valuable asset is its community of loyal players, which you will need to rely on to become a successful craftsman and explorer!

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