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May Events

Keith Cross Posted:
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TQ Digital has announced that every weekend in May they will be holding WPs Drop and Lucky Draw events in The Warlords.

The Qing, originally from Manchuria, conquered the central plain by superior military force. After 2 centuries' of a peaceful era, now it is time to restore our ancestors' militarism tradition and to squelch those bloody rebels. Contribute your power to the imperial force, and in turn the empire will offer your rich bounties!

Event 1: Weekend WPs Drop

Each weekend in May, adventurers can receive free WPs by slaughtering monsters and rebels in all the regions of the world. Duration: 20:00 Friday - 24:00 Sunday of each weekend in May Requirement: All players

Event 2: Lucky Draw

Moreover, the Qing court will provide special rewards to those brave warriors during May. a) In the 1st week, 10 lucky adventurers under level 20 will receive 3-day Medallion respectively; b) In the 2nd week, 5 lucky adventurers between level 21 and 50 will receive 7-day medallion respectively; c) In the 3rd week, 3 lucky adventurers between level 51 and 70 will receive 690 WPs respectively; d) In the last week of May, 1 lucky adventurer above level 70 will get the grand prize of 1380 WPs.

Sharpen your blade, fight for the empire, and you will obtain wealth, fame and power.

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Keith Cross