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Spiders' Best or Another Idea that Falls Short?

The Technomancer is Spider’s latest budget-priced, AAA-aspiring RPG. Playing as Zachariah Mancer, players take up arms and the power of electricity itself to uncover Mars’ secrets. We sent our resident RPG columnist to the red planet to discover if this was Spiders’ best or another promising idea that fell short of the mark.

Launch Trailer Unleashed

Spiders Studio has released the launch day trailer for The Technomancer that is ready to hit "go" on Tuesday, June 28th. The Technomancer is headed to PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC.

Latest Trailer Rocks to 'House of the Rising Sun'

The Technomancer team has released a brand new trailer to start off the E3 2016 season. In this story-based video, iconic rock tune 'House of the Rising Sun' played by Frigid Pink that sets the mood. Check it out!

Steam Preorders Begin at a 15% Discount

Fans of The Technomancer will be happy to hear that Steam pre-orders have started and that the price has been dropped 15% to celebrate. The Technomancer comes in at a cool $38.24 with the discount applied and will remain at this price through launch day currently slated for June 28th.

Strength in Numbers - New Trailer Features Companion System

Traveling the wilds of Mars can be an unforgiving experience, one that is perhaps mitigated with companions. Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for The Technomancer that shows how there is strength in numbers. See if you agree.

New Trailer Shows Game World and Combat Systems

Bound By Flame devs have released a new trailer for The Technomancer that shows off quite a bit of the game world and the combat system that the protagonist, Zachariah, will utilize. The Technomancer is set to be released on PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4 on June 21st. Check it out!

Life & Death on Mars Trailer Shows a Harsh World

Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new trailer from The Technomancer called "Life & Death on Mars". It's a cinematic look at a tragic and blood-soaked world. Check it out!

Life and Death on Mars - Trailer

Experience the distinctive, sci-fi world of Spiders' epic RPG, The Technomancer. The game takes place on a dystopian Mars, hundreds of years after the first human colonies set foot on its red plains. Today's trailer showcases a few of The Technomancer's unique environments and dangers. Pursued by a corrupt police force, you must journey across these deadly environments and beyond, chasing a secret that could alter Mars and its inhabitants forever. The Technomancer takes place after a cataclys

Mars Bestiary Revealed in New Screenshots

When we think of Mars, we think of a barren, lifeless planet. But after thousands of years of habitation by the denizens of Technomancer and the genetic breeding of former Earthbound creatures, suddenly the picture changes. In a new series of screenshots, Spider reveals some of the creatures that players will encounter throughout The Technomancer.

First Contact Trailer Reveals Combat Styles

Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have sent out a brand new trailer for The Technomancer that introduces players to three distinct combat styles as well as the first steps on Mars.

Cinematic Trailer Shows Off Mars Action

Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new trailer for The Technomancer, a forthcoming post apocalyptic RPG, during this week's Gamescom. In the trailer, the hero journeys across Mars being chased by the local secret police as he seeks out the Rogue.