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    Unity 3D
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    Early Access
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The Skies Overview

The Skies is a mix of FPS and RPG adapted to a multiplayer game in a big post-apocalyptic world. Features include a unique role system, and economy that entirely depends on players, non-linear dialogues and quests, clan wars, PVP/TVT combats, and much, much more. This game has a different take on MMORPG because the storyline isn’t linear - it’s up to a player to create their own game reality and decide on their own role in it, which makes the game open both solo and team players.

The main rule is simple: each action leads to changes in different spheres of the game world: characters’ relations, events, etc. While a player is deeply immersed in the game world and trying to find their place there, other players constantly change it with their actions. Wars between clans, seized or liberating cities and resource production and improvement of economic conditions depend on players.


  • Unique role system! | comprising 6 main characteristics and 18 active skills
  • Non-linear dialogues and quests! | dependant on the role system parameters, such as reputation, intelligence or trading skills scores
  • A complicated multi-level economic system! | entirely reliant on players' actions!
  • A rich, open post-apocalyptic world! | players have to find their own path
  • PvP, TvT, Clan Wars! | all players can gain power over territories and part of their profits!