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The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon Preview

Confession time; outside of reviews, I've not finished a story-driven game in a long time. Enter 2020 and Obsidian is at it again delivering the first DLC, Peril on Gorgon, for their smash hit title. Although I am only just dipping my toes back into that galaxy far, far away I had to take a moment and share some of my initial thoughts.

The Outer Worlds Hands-On Preview

The Outer Worlds is the latest game to soon be hitting the digital video game shelves for acclaimed studio Obsidian Entertainment. Recently, MMORPG had a chance to check out Obsidian's upcoming game at a press event - check out our preview of The Outer Worlds!

The Outer Worlds Preview - A New IP for the Premier RPG Company

At a time in gaming where several say a game has to have multiplayer to succeed, Obsidian steps in to show off their latest foray into the single player RPG experience with their newest game The Outer Worlds with the help of Private Division. A new title that is part of a new IP for them aims to prove that they are still one of the best companies around in this aspect of gaming. I had an opportunity to visit Obsidian’s headquarters recently and get a look at the game and what it’s all about.