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The Myth of Soma Overview

There was a time when Human-world, Devil-world and Monster-world co-existed. This peaceful life was destroyed by the Monster-world trying to conquer the other two worlds, provoking the Great War between these factions. Devils now enraged and blood thirsty make frequent attacks on the human world, where they battle to gain control of the castle. The specific classes of devil warriors and mages make a force not to be reconed with. With the backing of the Devil Lords - Pamoth, Vexer and the Elite Devil warrior - The new founded "Kings army" sets to destroy all of mankind ruling the world. A MMORPG featuring: Isometric Rendered High resolution Graphics for all the Soma World Character Cycle of Life : your character lives into a world with day & night cycles. Join in the never ending battle of good and evil where you can access two races, single class devils and muliple class humans. In race PvP events - Guild village war where you defend or fight for your town, a vast array of every growing Guilds who can also hold thier own guild wars. Cross world PvP where both races fight for the castle, where specific monster types appear depending on the victor leading to - new armours, weapons and accessories. A Social and Economical System with price variations, stocked items, trades, even auctions! A completly independant human crafting system, where clothes, accesories, weapons, foodstuffs, and potions can all be created and upgraded with special items, leading to endless posibilites and a complete customization of your character outfit. There is also a vast array of crafting skills you can aquire from including smelting, field cooking, special repairing items and many more. A new created Gypsy village - designed for hardcore PKers has become the home to those elite who play the roles of assasins. Regular staff run events inconjunction with the new ingame Advisor system makes the staff - player interaction more of a personal one. There is even a new feedback section where the best of players ideas are implimented into the game. With three magic types, White, black and blue - Leading to over 50 spells , six weapon class types and over 28 weapon aura's the game is all down to choice and skill. Which side you will fight for? Continuous updating : Soma Team will constantly add new maps, monsters, items, quests to guarantee an always new gaming experience
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