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There Is Now A Petition To Bring Back The Matrix Online

The Matrix Resurrections released its first trailer this week and it's causing quite a stir not just for fans of the movie series, but also the long, lost MMO, The Matrix Online. Now some fans are trying to bring back the old MMO to celebrate the fourth installment in the movie series with a Change.org petition.

Jack In Before the Machines Win

The Machines invade Zion and pull the plug on The Matrix come July 31st, 2009. So, if you've not been back in awhile, it might be a good idea to check out the game one last time before it shuts down. All users have been raised to level 50 and are given 4,000,000,000 $info to mess around with.

Why MxO Live Content Worked

In a response to a recent Staff Blog post by MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood titled "Crushing the Dream of Live Content," former Matrix Online Live Events Team member Rachel Thompson shares her views on why MxO Live Content worked.

Closing July 31, Game Over Q&A

The folks at the Matrix Online recently announced that players would be jacking out for the last time as the game is set to close down for good at the end of July. To clear up lingering questions about the shut down SOE has posted a Q&A.

Update 60

The Matrix Online got a new update yesterday and today we bring you the patch notes!

Agent Smith Returns for Third Birthday

SOE has announced the return of Agent Smith to the Matrix Online as part of their celebration of the game's third anniversary.

Producer's Letter

On Wednesday, the Producer of The Matrix Online released a new Producer's Letter, keeping us updated on what's going on at the other end of the rabbit hole.

Update 54

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they have released Update #54 for The Matrix Online.

Fan Faire Player Panel

MMORPG.com Staff Writer Carolyn Koh recently attended the Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, she files this report from a panel held so that players and developers could talk about The Matrix Online.

Buddy Rewards Program

SOE has announced The Matrix Online Buddy Rewards Program. The program will allow players to invite friends to join the game for a 14 day trial.

Second Anniversary

The Matrix Online celebrates its second anniversary.

The Other Side Of The Looking Glass

The Matrix Online gives us their latest updates in newest edition of The Other Side of the Looking Glass.

MMORPG.com Re-Review

It's been a while, so Staff Writer Donna Desborough takes a peek back at SOE's The Matrix Online in this new re-review.

Update 45