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    Unreal Engine
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    Eaglance Inc.
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    2018 (06/19/2018)
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The Flower of Knighthood Overview

The Flower of Knighthood is a hardcore MMORPG for players who want to be immersed in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, who want to ‘live a life’ in that time. The main feature of our game is realism: realism in fighting, realism in craft, realism in armor, weapons, architecture, and so on.

In the fighting system we have completely rejected hit points. We use an armour penetration system. Only your weapon and enemy armour. Moreover, you don’t just click a mouse button to attack, you choose one of 11 sides of your strike, and if you block, you have 5 block types too.

Other features include: an authentic craft system, huge battles, photorealistic graphics, and a unique experience system.


  • No hit points | As the main point of our game is realism, we have completely rejected hit points. We use an armour penetration system - only your weapon and enemy armour.
  • No randomness, only your skill | During a fight only you decide what type of strike your character will carry out, from what side and when. Only you decide what type of block to use in the current situation. For some weapons you’ll be able even to choose fighting pose.
  • No magic, no teleports | Flower of Knighthood is a game about steel. You won’t find any abilities beyond human opportunities. It means that exploring the world, which extends 50x25km, will be possible only on foot or by horse. An economic system exists so that in different parts of the map you can find different resources. It gives great opportunities for traders, for mercenaries, and for robbers.
  • Massive battles | Talk of ‘massive’ does not mean 100 vs 100. We want to make it possible to gather an army of 1,000 people on each side of the battle. This allows you to implement diverse tactics and combat strategies. You can use archers to weaken your opponent’s army and then send heavy swordsmen with high shields in to attack, and in the most tense moments you can strike with your cavalry into the opponent's flank. You can experience the feeling of being involved in a massive medieval battle. Defend your castle or fight in an open field, use the terrain features for your benefit and make an unexpected ambush.
  • Authentic craft system | Thanks to Dr Stephen Mileson from Oxford University we are creating a maximally authentic craft system. It means that during craft you will accurately repeat all actions of 15th-century blacksmiths, carpenters, leatherworkers, tailors and other craftsmen. To make a simple axe will require obtaining ore, melting it, making an axe blade, cutting timber to make a handle, and finally assembling the whole weapon. And, for example, making a blade is not ‘one click’ operation - you need to take a metal blank to a blacksmith to hammer and to forge it. Or if you don’t want to engage with crafts, just buy from another player.
  • Photorealistic graphics | Graphics are very important to feel the atmosphere of the game. We use Motion Capture technology and we invited a multiple champion in historical fencing. We use 3D scans of real grass, stones, land, mud and so on, and use them as a textures in our game. Even a human model is a 3D scan of a real man. Of course, we understand that not all players have a top gaming PC, so we will optimize our game to make it possible to play it even on a laptop with built-in graphic adapter.
Eaglance Inc. Announces Launch of Kickstarter for 'Hardcore Medieval MMO'

Eaglance Inc. has sent word that it has officially started the KickStarter campaign for its hardcore medieval MMORPG, The Flower of Knighthood. The goal is to raise $600,000 in the next month in order to fund the development of the game that lets players "immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Europe's mid-fourteenth to early fifteenth centuries...based on a concept of maximum realism and historical accuracy in gameplay".