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The Indie Sandbox Gets a Kickstarter

Das Tal has come a long way since my preview of it last year. Fairytale Distillery’s vision and approach for it is ambitious, with the goal of offering an accessible but hardcore sandbox MMO experience that focuses on PvP, crafting, and skill-based combat. From what I’ve seen so far, Fairytale looks to be on the right track.

Understanding the Approach

How do you produce a sandbox MMO with a minimal team? That’s exactly what Alexander Zacherl and Fairytale Distillery have been doing with their latest project Das Tal. Currently in early alpha, it aims to preserve that feeling of progression and power growth by restarting the world every few months. During Gamescom, he sat down with columnist Gareth Harmer to explain the concept in more detail.

An Accessible but Hardcore PvP Sandbox

Das Tal, a new PvP-focused sandbox MMORPG from Fairytale Distillery, has an ambitious task: provide a hardcore player-vs-player gameplay experience that is still accessible for casual gamers. With server-specific rulesets, skill-based combat, and an emphasis on group coordination, the game offers an interesting take on what sandbox MMOs can look like.