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Contract Work to Pay the Bills & Reignite Development

The Exiled Steam page has been updated with a very candid look at the game's last few months since the launch into Early Access. Developers admit that the game does not currently have enough players to sustain the game or drive development forward. The team has had to take on contract work to pay their personal bills. However, the good news is that things have eased and confidence is high that both contract work and ongoing development on The Exiled can coexist.

Get in on the Unlimited Free Trial During Season 3

During the next four weeks, The Exiled will be in Season 3. Rather than use a 7-day free trial, Fairytale Distillery has opted to open the gates to everyone. That means all you have to do is download and install the game, start it up and you're in. There are some limits, however, such as limited character slots that can easily be unlocked by purchasing a Supporter Pack.

Player Feedback Leads to Season 2, Free Trial Extended

The Exiled entered Early Access last month and in the intervening days has been listening to and responding to community feedback about the game. That has led to today's release of Season 2 with a number of improvements to key areas in the game including the Party System, Diplomacy, a new Healer class, camera options, performance improvements, and the usual bug fixes.

The Exiled - First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

The Exiled, formerly Das Tal, has just hit Early Access on Steam. The Exiled is an open world PvP sandbox with full loot and territory control. TheHiveLeader is on the scene to report on his findings.

Steam Early Access Begins, Try It for Free for a Week

Fairytale Distillery has opened the doors of The Exiled as it launches on Steam Early Access. Anyone who is interested in seeing what the game is all about is invited to head to Steam to try it for free and without restrictions for an entire week.

On Eve of Early Access Launch, 7-Day Free Trial Announced

Fairytale Distillery has announced that Thursday, February 25th marks a huge day for The Exiled. Not only will Steam Early Access begin, but anyone who is of a mind to try out the sandbox MMO can do so for free for an entire week.

Packages Revealed with Cosmetics, No In-Game Power Ever

The Exiled team has released information about the packages that will be made available for players. Anyone can play for a week for free. Beyond that, packages can be purchased for $19.99, or $39.99 that offer a several in-game perks including cosmetic items, character slots, avatar pictures and titles. The team also reassures players that in-game power will never be sold, ever.

Steam Early Access Dated, Supporter Packs Unveiled

The Exiled will be released via Steam Early Access on February 23, 2017. Everyone will be invited to give the game a try for seven days and Supporter packs ($19.99, $39.99 or $79.99) with a variety of in-game bonuses will also be available. Existing supporters will get an advanced sneak-peek at the Steam release at the end of January.

Alpha Test Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given alpha test keys for the upcoming sandbox MMO - The Exiled! This game features PvP with full loot, a massive class system, player crafting and much more. Get your alpha test key now and check it out!

Final Closed Alpha Test Begins

The final closed alpha event for The Exiled has officially kicked off. From today through December 21st, alpha testers and supporters can log in and try out the large number of altered and improved features implemented by the team as a direct result of player feedback from earlier testing opportunities.

Localized Forums in Six Languages, Devs Seek Help for More

Fairytale Distillery is looking for volunteers to help bring The Exiled to players around the world by providing information in localized versions. Sub-forums have been created in six languages: French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. These forums will bring news and information, including patch notes, to players in their own languages.

Final 2016 Alpha Test Coming in December

The final 2016 alpha test for The Exiled will be running 24/7 from December 1st through December 21st. Those interested in participating can sign up on The Exiled site or purchase a Development Supporter Pack.

Talespinners Interview Introduces New Lore Team

The Exiled website has been updated with a new in-house interview with a team of writers called Talespinners. This company is now working with The Exiled to help make improvements to the game's lore and expand it over time. The interview gives some background to the projects the Talespinners have worked on and much more.

Player Feedback Integral in Planning Next Updates

The Exiled team has been analyzing player metrics and feedback over the last several weeks. Players also had opportunity to fill out a survey that also became part of the analysis that will drive the next update and priority list.

The Exiled Replaces Das Tal Moniker

Fairytale Distillery has announced that Das Tal is no longer Das Tal. Now known as The Exiled, the game features a brand new, rebranded trailer and will be taking part in Gamescom all this week. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think of the name change!