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    Citadel Studios
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    12/22/21 (12/22/2021)
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The End Overview

On December 22, 2021 Citadel Studios was acquired by Blue Monster Games. Following the acquisition, the website for The End no longer works and no statement has been made regarding it's development.

The End is an upcoming survival action-RPG by Citadel Studios, creators of Legends of Aria. It is hugely inspired by the sagas and mythology of the Norse. Most interesting to The End is the notion of 'Record', the legacy by which a great warrior is held and judged. In The End there is the notion of a warrior’s record being central to the setting, to the theme, and incorporated throughout the system.

The End will feature solo quests for magical relics that will grant access to powerful equipment and spells. Combat will be action-oriented and magic is intended to feel less like an FPS game and will be focused more on Area-of-Effect spells that target large areas and splash damage.

The End will feature a Feat system, designed to track each player's record during their own eternal saga. From combat and territorial conflict, cleansing and summoning to slaying mythical creatures and ancient spirits in epic encounters—just as the saga celebrates victory and death, so too will it follow your legacy.

Legends of Aria Devs Working on 'The End' Viking-Themed Dark Fantasy Survival RPG

Citadel Studios, the team behind Legends of Aria, are reportedly working on a Viking-themed dark fantasy survival RPG called The End.