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Free Update Brings Three New Game Modes

Fans of The Dwarves will be pleased to hear that the game has been updated with a big patch that brings three new game modes in. Called "Challenges", players can take part in Horde, Time Challenge and Chase modes.

PC & Console Patch Addresses Performance Issues

THQNordic and KING Art have announced the release of a new patch for its tactical RPG The Dwarves. The patch addresses a number of performance issues for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. In addition, the patch fixed several smaller bugs.

Children Of The Smith By Blind Guardian

KING Art Games released The Dwarves, an isometric RPG based on book trilogy of the same name authored by Markus Heitz, earlier this week. As part of the celebration of the game's arrival, the team also released a music video featured the band Blind Guardian performing the song Children of the Smith that features in-game music as well as the band performing in the recording studio. Check it out and see what you think!

Fun, Lightweight & Full of Character

Everyone loves dwarves. They’re the lovable sidekick, the violent Scotsman with a heart of gold, and if you need beard advice, that’s pretty much their only hobby outside of mining and blacksmithing. In the world of fantasy fiction, they’re a race of compatriots, rarely ever starring in their own adventure. Until now, that is.

Day 1 Patch to Address Console Performance Issues

THQ Nordic has sent word that a Day 1 patch for The Dwarves will be deployed specifically targeting issues with console performance on both XBox One and PlayStation 4. Performance optimizations, graphical improvements and other general improvements will also be added alongside bug fixes. The patch will weigh in at 7.1 Gb for PS4 and 3 Gb for XB1.

Latest Companion Video Introduces Narmora

The latest in a series of videos designed to introduce the companion characters in The Dwarves has been released. This time, Narmora is introduces, a stealthy assassin who can blink in and out of range to deadly effect. Find out more about Narmora and let us know what you think!

Meet the Companions: Rodario Steps Onstage

The latest in a series of videos has been released to introduce interested fans to the companions that will be featured in The Dwarves. In this latest installment, Rodario, a human no less, steps onstage. Rodario uses a flamethrower, feigns death, talks opponents into fighting for him and even disguises himself as one of the enemy.

Introducing the Cast - Meet Boindil

With the release of The Dwarves slated for next month, THQ-Nordic and KingArt are ready to introduce the starring cast of the game. In the first video installment, viewers meet Boindil Twoblades, one of Tungdil's companinons and friends. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Release Date Announced For December 1st

King Art Games has announced that its Kickstarter funded tactical RPG The Dwarves will be relesed on December 1st for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox One and PS4. The game is based on the bestselling trilogy of Markus Heitz and follows its plot.

Capturing the Epic Fights of the Lord of the Rings Movies

The Dwarves is one of the few games I can't get out of my head since seeing it at E3. While the comparison might be a tad unfair, The Dwarves reminds me of the Lord of the Rings movie tie-in video games that released across the PC, PS2, and Xbox over a decade ago. If you never played them, they were a fantastic blend of action RPG that saw members of the fellowship taking up swords in the iconic set piece fights of the movie.

Good News for Dwarf-Loving Bill Murphy - Beta Incoming!

In what is sure to be the news that makes the day of our own Editor in Chief Bill Murphy, King Art Games has announced via a KickStarter update that The Dwarves will be heading into beta testing next week!