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The Division Articles

Awesome Skill Calculator Let's You Prepare for War

While not completely filled in due to the relatively unknown nature of some of the skills that will ship with the game, an intrepid fan of The Division has created an interactive skill calculator that shows all skills, talents and perks. By using the calculator, you can plan out your path to glory ahead of next month's release of The Division.

Skills & Mods Detailed in New Trailer

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for The Division. The video discusses various skills and mods in the Medical, Technology and Security categories and how mods can be used to upgrade them over time. Check it out to get a heads up for the upcoming beta and release of The Division.

Going Rogue in the Dark Zone | RipperX

Ripper finds some new high level items in the Dark Zone and decides it's worth going Rogue as a solo player..."Milk was a bad choice...? Or was it an ice cold delicious good choice? Dark Zone Rogue PVP Continues here in The Division Beta.

Beta Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader jumped into the beta for The Division. Did he survive the Dark Zone? No... The Division developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft takes place after a pandemic hits New York City in which one by one everything begins to fall. Society is collapsing and it's up to The Division, known as a unit of self-supported tactical agents to try and cure the virus. FEATURES Open World RPG | A full world waiting to be explored and ready for you to advance your character in. Coo

I'm Cautiously Excited About The Division

This weekend Ubisoft opened up the PC beta for the Division. Read on to find out why Rob is excited about what the Division represents and what he thinks of the game's potential.

Dark Zone PvP Preview with RipperX

The Division takes place in mid-crisis New York, an open world with destructive environments that are free for players to explore. The player's mission is to restore order by investigating the source of a virus. Players have to team up with other Division agents as they progress. The game's core mechanics are similar to other third-person-shooters, in which player character can carry three weapons, and explosives like sticky bombs and smart mines to fight against enemies.

PC Beta First Impressions

The Division, like Destiny, is part of a new class of small-group MMOs. Sharing a larger online world, with pockets of big social spaces, then smaller phased group areas makes The Division a lot like Destiny, or even the original Guild Wars. But what exactly is Ubisoft's first MMO all about? Read on to find out...

Three Expansions + Free Content Coming in First Year

Ubisoft has laid out the details on the next year of content coming to The Division after it launches in March. Pass holders can expect three expansions that are rooted in group game play mechanics.

System Specs Revealed & Interactive Map

With The Division's beta scheduled to begin next week, fans have been clamoring to learn the system specs, though with a wall of silence from Ubisoft on the official site. However, Russian Ubi community team members were not so hesitant and answered player queries into the subject.

Cool Gear Celebrates New 'Agent Origins' Series

Folks looking forward to the March release of Tom Clancy's The Division can score some extra gear once the game launches by using the code "AGENTORGINS" on the official website. By so doing, future players can snag four gear sets based on The Division: Agent Origins live action video series. The gear sets are: Paramedic, Firefighter, Police; and Hunter.

Four 'Division' Agents to Come to Life in New Amazon Series

Amazon Prime members will be able to watch short live-action films that will bring to life four agents from The Division. The short 30-minute films are now available to Prime members along with some exclusive scenes via the Amazon Video app.

Numerous Graphics Options Available On Release

According to pcgamesn and NeoGaf, players of The Division will have the ability the graphics in a wide variety of ways. Everything from frame rate limit to reflection quality will be included as well as interesting options like sharpen image.

Devs Promise Single Players Have a Place Too

The Division is shaping up to be a fine multiplayer experience based on recent videos and information released by Ubisoft. From the beginning of its development, however, players have been told that a robust single player campaign as well. In a new interview at Venture Beat, editors spoke with Magnus Jensen, creative director on The Division, to find out how that will happen.

XBox One Beta Coming January 28, PS4 / PC on January 29th

The beta for Tom Clancy's The Division is finally ready to roll. XBox One testers will get a day's head start with the beta event starting on January 28th. PlayStation 4 and PC users will get in on the action beginning January 29th. The beta will end on January 31st.

The Agent's Journey Revealed in New Trailer

Ubisoft had its hand forced earlier today when an Italian version of a new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division was leaked. The trailer features great gameplay footage and some story elements that shine a light on the journey that agents will face as they work through the game. The Division is slated for release on March 8th.