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Clear Sky Challenge Mode Delayed After Unsuccessful Patch

Today's The Division maintenance is already over thanks to an "unsuccessful patch" deployment according to the game's official forums. As a result, the Clear Sky Challenge Mode has not been added to the game and will be delayed pending another try at launching the update.

Heading to the Silver Screen with Jake Gyllenhaal

Ubisoft is ready to take The Division to the silver screen starring none other than mega-star Jake Gyllenhaal who will also take on producer duties as well. According to Variety, the script writer has yet to be hired but there is an active search on for someone to pen the adaptation.

Final Patch Notes for v1.2 Released

Tomorrow the big v1.2 update drops for Tom Clancy's The Division. Ubisoft has released the final update notes that includes the Clear Sky incursion, new gear sets, new high-value targets, search & destroy missions, hijack extractions, sealed caches, Dark Zone player stash and ISAC assignments, a new mission type for players at level 30+.

Conflict DLC Releasing Next Week, New Trailer Sets the Stage

The Division players are looking forward to next week's next 'expansion' DLC release. Called "Conflict", new conflict includes a new Incursion called Clear Sky, new gear sets, weapons, a new mission to defeat enemy leaders, and a new extractions feature called Hijack.

Ubisoft Profits Soar - Game Scores 9.5M Registered Players

Ubisoft has released its latest investor information. Alongside the good news that the company's profits are up ~12% year-over-year, it was revealed that The Division is sporting a healthy 9.5 million registered users with players logging three plus hours per day in game on average.

Cheating & Exploits Addressed in New Dev Blog

Ubisoft developers have posted a new blog that lays out some of the plans the team has in mind to address cheating and exploits in The Division. New cheat detection methods have been implemented over the last several days resulting in a large ban and suspension wave. The minimum penalty is now two weeks for a first offense, a permanent ban on the second.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 - Exploit to Be Closed

As news of an exploit allowing The Division players to pass by the Incursions boss and collect the end 'raid' loot became better known, Ubisoft stepped into a thread to say that the fix to the issue is in the works. At the same time, devs indicated that those who chose to take advantage of the exploit were in violation of the Code of Conduct and that the team was exploring punishment terms.

Incursions Taps into a Tidbit of the Game's Full Potential

Incursion, the brand new patch for Tom Clancy's The Division, has invaded the game. This new patch introduces a plethora of new content including Assignments, new gear, Dark Zone Supply Drops, and of course the new raid-like incursion; Falcon Lost. In a game often faulted for its lack of end game content and worthwhile rewards, is Patch 1.1 enough to silence the naysayers?

A Month by the Numbers

The Ubisoft blog has been updated with a look back at the first month of live service for The Division. To show off how much players have engaged the game, an infographic came in alongside the blog post.

Prepare for Tomorrow with New Incursions Trailer

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer to prepare the way for tomorrow's update to The Division. The Falcon Lost Incursion will be launching with the patch tomorrow and is the first of several to be released over time. In addition, players can get a few hints about Loot Trading, new gear sets, new weapons, Dark Zone supply drops, new assignments and more.

The Ban Hammer Looms for PC Users

PC users with a proclivity to hack or cheat while playing the Division will want to take notice of some new measures going into place. Players will gain access to a report command that will flag an account for review. According to community team member Yannick Banchereau, a first offense will result in a 3-day suspension without warning and a second offense will see players permanently banned.

Incursions Notes Released - Big Crafting Changes Coming

Ubisoft has released the official patch notes for the Incursions update for The Division. Along with the addition of group content called Incursions, players can expect some significant changes to the crafting system.

Special Report Breakdown - Incursions Coming April 12th

Today's Special Report live stream by The Division development team has wrapped up with the big news that the Incursions update will be coming into the game on April 12th. Incursions is a free update to the game that will introduce the first content specifically developed with squads in mind. Players will be taking on enemies with high level equipment and weaponry. Additionally, squads can exchange dropped gear with others taking part in the incursion.

Learn More About Incursions in Today's Special Report

The Division development team will be on hand today in a new edition of Special Report in which the next update will be previewed that includes "Incursions". The event will take place on The Division Twitch.tv channel at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern.

Beautiful Disaster

From Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment studio comes Tom Clancy’s The Division. Read on to find out what we think about this new RPG Shooter below.