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The Black Watchmen

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    Real Life
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    Unity 3D
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    Alice and Smith
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The Black Watchmen Overview

The Black Watchmen is a Massively Multiplayer Online Permanent Alternate Reality Game (MMOPARG) where players join the Black Watchmen forces in a series of challenges involving real world and in-game puzzles, geo-caching, research and hacking. Based on the ‘authorization’ level you give, your real life becomes part of the storyline, from simple text messages to a black SUV parked in front of your house. The gameplay includes a companion app which expands the game to your region of the world, adding playfield every time a player joins in. You can be stalked by a virtual sniper or currently helping a player eradicating enemies in his little town up in Siberia. Missions range from single player to large-scale raid of 4,000 players.

  • Alternate reality game | The game takes place both in the digital world and in real-life.
  • Puzzles | The game involves wide range puzzle solving
  • Companion mobile app | Adding a layer of Augmented Reality, every player who join with the companion app is expanding the game’s playfield
  • Level of Engagement | You can choose how far you wish this digital story to blend into your real life