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Who Do You Trust?

By William Murphy on March 26, 2015 | TGN Army | Comments

Who Do You Trust?

Last week, the TGN folks penned an article about some excellent Youtubers, and despite being titled a little misleading, it brought up a good point: who do you trust when it comes to Youtube videos?  And yes, it’s OK if it’s not us here at


Youtubers are a funny new form of games media. The independent ones like PewDiePie, TotalBiscuit, Syndicate, Boogie, Angry Joe and so forth are seen as some of the most trustworthy commentators in the realm of video criticism and content creation. And yet, no one seems to care that these guys (for the most part) all accept sponsored deals to create content. 

Many of them will flat out tell you when a video is sponsored (see TB’s Strife video below), while other times you’ll simply have to decide for yourself. I know how many times we’ve been accused of being “paid off”, and I know how much it bothers me that people think that. Firstly, we’ve never been paid to say or print anything about a game. And if we ever do start up sponsored content, you’ll absolutely 100% know it’s sponsored. 

Traditionally served ads are going the way of the dinosaur as Ad Blocker keeps eating away at any form of income traditional media sites are able to generate. Sponsored content offers them (and us) a way to present “infomercials” that can’t be just cancelled out by Ad Blocker. So, like it or not, the internet is very likely moving towards sponsored content. 

So this begs the question that is the title of this little rant: who do you trust in Youtube videos? What channels do you believe have your best interests at heart? Do you watch our weekly MMOFTW videos and believe we’re doing our damnedest to provide you a nice weekly news recap?  It’s OK to say no. Because, honestly, we’re trying to earn that trust every day. And if there’s some reason we don’t already have it, we want to know why.

William Murphy / Bill is the Managing Editor of, and lover of all things gaming. He''s been playing and writing about MMOs and geekery since 2002. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling.