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How To Optimize Your YouTube Gaming Channel: 5 Tips To Get More Views From TGN

By Peter Grant on February 05, 2015 | TGN Army | Comments

How To Optimize Your YouTube Gaming Channel: 5 Tips To Get More Views From TGN

Alright so as we explained last week, TGN is a YouTube network and a big part of what we do is help content creators get big online! How? We work with them to help them find a way bigger audience, distribute their content further and collaborate with brands and other creators.


Ask any channel creator and they’ll tell you, the YouTube game isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter how good you are at making amazing gamer content, with so many players competing for the top spot, getting decent viewership is an epic battle. So what can you do to improve your chances of gaining some traction on your channel? Well there’s no magic formula to success here, but there are a few tricks that are super important to follow if you’re looking at starting up a channel of your own, or ramping up the view count on what you’re currently producing.

Here are TGN’s 5 Tips to Get More Gamers Tuning In:

1. Make sure your metadata is on point: YouTube is a search engine afterall, so before anything else you need to make sure your content is searchable. This means taking full advantage of the tools on the back-end that apply to your keywords, title and description. This is called your metadata, and you need to make sure you have it fully optimized. This begins with your tags, aka your keywords, which identify what your video and channel is all about. For the strongest results, include both words and phrases and don’t spam your content with irrelevant tags! Quality is key! Your title should also include 2-3 of those keywords while being  as concise as possible. Finally, for your video description; remember what’s up front will appear above the fold on the results page and needs to be super strong! Also be sure to link to your website and social channels to gain maximum visibility.

2. Get with the program! Keep viewers coming back to your channel by sticking to a cohesive programming plan and creating shows they’ll want to follow, instead of just uploading random videos. This is a great way to turn casual viewers into loyal fans.

The 3 main questions to consider here:

  1. Who are your viewers?
  2. How long is your program trajectory?
  3. Can you really keep doing this?

Check off all three, and you’ll be in prime position for a successful series run!  

3. Get your channel on schedule: People love anticipation when it comes to entertainment, and the expectation of a schedule is important to viewers. Even though YouTube offers the opportunity to upload and consume content whenever, that doesn’t mean creators should fire-off new stuff at free will. Once viewers start tuning in to shows you’re producing, it’s important to give them a sense of when they can expect the next episode. 

4. Engage with your viewers: YouTube isn’t just a place gamers go to consume content, it’s a place they go to interact with it and one another. Engaging a little with your viewers is a big part of the success equation, and is a key element to growing your channel. Lead the discussion and listen to what your viewers are saying both on the discussion board and on social media!

5. Collaborate with your community: One of the best ways to get ahead on YouTube is finding other gamers who are creating content like your own, or who you think your viewers will love, and reaching out for an opportunity to collaborate with them on a video! This way you can both reach new audiences and play off each other’s production strengths. This is one of the benefits of working with a network of gamers on YouTube, like TGN. As members of the most engaged gamer network out there, our Partners have an unrivaled power to cross-promote their content through our community of fellow YouTube gamers (not least by using the collaboration-technologies provided by BBTV) Most epic YouTubers will tell you, collaboration is the quickest way up!

So there you have it, some simple ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your YouTube channel! If you’re a gamer with an established channel and interested in making it even more epic, check out TGN’s benefits and our content and join the conversation! If you have any questions come chat with our Partner Experience guys at the bottom of the page.