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5 Tips to Attract More YouTube Subscribers

By Peter Grant on March 05, 2015 | TGN Army | Comments

5 Tips to Attract More YouTube Subscribers

Maintain a Consistent Brand

Branding is not just about logos, colors, and typography. Literally everything you do on your channel becomes part of your brand, and if your brand is all over the place, nobody will know what to expect or how to recognize a piece of content that is “quintessentially you”.

Your branding efforts should start by ensuring your topic and tone of voice are consistent. If you have a channel that's focused on MMO gameplay and reviews, for god’s sake don’t suddenly do a vlog piece talking about how great it is that you won class clown. And if you want to be the funny guy, that’s you. Don’t suddenly switch gears and become the over-the-top aggressive rant guy - the juxtaposition will scare off your viewers.


Once you’ve got the tone of voice and content down, then start drawing up your logo, colors, video intros, and general channel design. Soon enough your viewers will take pride in recognizing your content.

Use Annotations

You should be aware by now that annotations are a great way to reach out for new channel subscribers. Sometimes your audience just needs to be told what to do, and an annotation is a great way to do that. If you can avoid using the texts and colors from YouTube’s annotations interface, and instead stick with your own consistent branding (by editing the annotation into your video content, and using YouTube’s annotations only to overlay a link) then you’re a step ahead.

But most importantly, should be used to provide real value to the viewer. If you’re discussing a specific feature of a recent MMORPG for example, you could use annotations to provide the user a link to a video discussing that feature. Do this as much as possible without constantly covering your screen in links. As long as you maintain the value of your channel in providing information to relevant videos and sites, people will subscribe and come back.

Use End-Slates

Unless you want YouTube’s suggested videos to distract the viewer’s attention to another channel, you should use end-slates. End-slates are graphic stills that have two to four placeholders to showcase some of your videos.

Some people just put screenshots of videos in those placeholders, but using actual video samples achieves much more engagement. Make sure you highlight a different combination of videos in each end-slate to keep each user engaged in a web of videos that doesn’t repeat itself for as long as possible.

Leverage Featured Channels

The “Featured Channels” section of your channel hub is not just a section for you to tell users what you’re into. It’s a strategic business tool through which you can showcase other YouTubers in the hopes that they’ll showcase you back. You should be constantly on the prowl for other YouTube channels that discuss similar topics and are about your size, and offer them a “feature for feature” deal (much more valuable than a sub for sub deal). For instance, you might agree to feature each other for a month in the top feature position (don’t perpetually feature the same person). 

When looking for other channels to engage in these deals, use tools like SocialBlade to make sure that the channel you’re looking to partner with is growing rather than dying out, and getting a good amount of avg. views per video. If you’re a TGN Partner, you can use VISO Catalyst’s collaboration tool to quickly send out requests and offers for features and collaborations with relevant YouTube channels. You can send out network-wide “feature for feature” requests to channels that exclusively produce MMO content or to any gaming channels. Really, it can do whatever you want!

If you want to take it a step further, you can strike up informal deals that involve a “shout out for shout out” on social media, or even a highlight of each other’s’ videos in your end-slates.

Interact Consistently

High engagement is a huge pull for subscribers. Ask people to like, share, and comment at the end of your videos, and make sure you respond as often as you can. When you respond, respond inquisitively - ask lots of questions, get your viewers’ opinions about the games you discuss, and engage them in intelligent conversation.

And finally, as much as we know you hate to - leave the trolls alone! Haters will be haters, and there’s nothing more powerful than letting your audience do your bidding for you.

Do you have any suggestions for growing a fan-base on an MMO-focused channel? Help the TGN community out by commenting below!