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3 Tips on Visually-Boosting Your YouTube Gaming Channel

By Peter Grant on February 19, 2015 | TGN Army | Comments

3 Tips on Visually-Boosting Your YouTube Gaming Channel

As the network for gamers on YouTube, we’re always looking for ways to help our community partners thrive online! Any YouTube gamer will tell you, success comes down to a few fundamentals. Step one is obviously all about the content you’re producing. If people don’t like what you’re posting, they’ll stop watching, period. But even if you are producing gamer videos people are into, grabbing a larger audience can come down to pumping up your personal brand. A few weeks back we covered the ins and outs of channel optimization, and the tools that can help you rocket up the results page. This week we’re covering tips on maximizing your visual appeal and adding professional-grade polish to the viewer experience.


Here’s 3 areas to focus on visually, that’ll help you break into the YouTube game and make all the difference in your channel success:

Make Your Thumbnails Picture Perfect

Alright so you capture the sickest let’s play in Everquest. It’s poetry in motion and a viral hit waiting to happen! But how’s it looking sitting still? That’s the question you need to be asking yourself when picking your perfect thumbnail image. Think of an iconic game poster - you need an image that not only represents your content but grabs viewer interest. Thumbnails are really your book covers, and viewers will make snap judgements when scrolling through the results page based on them alone. So what’s the formula to a great image? Make sure your thumbnail is in-focus, bright, eye-catching and appropriate for the content. Then, really consider what’s appealing to your target audience, and take a look at what’s already out there. Also ensure it’s scalable for different formatting! 

Brand Yourself with Your Channel Art

Creating customized, visually-appealing channel art is key to boosting your gamer brand. The ‘art’ in your YouTube channel comes down to two main elements: the icon and the banner. The icon is essentially your channel logo. It’s the little thumbnail that viewers first see in the search page when discovering your content. Despite being small, this is one of the most important visual elements of your channel, displaying everywhere from the watch page, to the home feed your subscribers see. It also appears across multiple devices, and needs to be designed with this in mind. Utilize the space by creating a logo that looks professional, is unique, and memorable in order to give viewers an easy reminder of who you are. Busy images don’t scale well, so try to keep it simple!  Your banner, that appears across the top of the page, is where you have more space to create a branded look and feel. One of the best practices to remember here is to insert a schedule for your content. This way you give viewers a reason to return for new stuff.

Sell Yourself With An Awesome Trailer

The first thing unsubscribed viewers see when they click on your channel should be your trailer. This is essentially a sizzle reel of your content that converts subscriptions and gets people excited to tune in and share your content. To get into the right mindframe here, think about what’s unique and going to sell people on your stuff. Is it your personality? Your unique production? Or the game topics you cover? Consider beginning with something that really grabs attention in the first few seconds. You know, lead with your best foot forward! Use this to deliver your key messages and then expand upon them as your trailer progresses. You also want to give your viewers a lasting impression, so at the end don’t be shy, be explicit when calling on them to subscribe.

So there you have it, some quick, easy ways to ensure you’re visually golden on YouTube. Once you’re done, remember to check how it all looks in search and pair what you’re doing here with the optimization tips we gave you previously!

If you’re a gamer with an established channel and interested in making it even more epic, check out TGN’s benefits and content and join the conversation! If you have any questions come chat with our Partner Experience guys at the bottom of the page.