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Terraria Overview

Terraria is an influential indie 2D sandbox game that's based around exploration, crafting, and fighting spawned enemies. The game features sprite-based graphics and a procedurally-generated world. Its success has led to multiple platform releases as well as had great influence upon later titles, such as Starbound. Terraria sets you in the world with just a few basic tools with which to explore the world. The rest is up to you. You can mine or chop wood for resources and protect yourself with a sword. Delving deeper into the depths, you'll be able to find better resources and items, as well as encounter a series of monsters that are not friendly, to say the least. Building a shelter to keep out the creatures is just the beginning, as the game is fully co-op if you want to play with friends, features PvP, and many items to create and find. There are also special rare items and NPCs you can convince to move into your house that grant advantages. The game is also moddable on PC. FEATURES
  • Open, procedurally-generated world with 2D sandbox gameplay.
  • Many items to craft and discover. Special items, bosses, and NPCs may be found and added to players' structures and confer advantages.
  • Moddable (PC), multiplatform, and featuring fully co-op gameplay and PvP.
Journey's End, Last Major Terraria Content Update, Out Now on PC

The last major content update for Terraria, called Journey's End, is out now. Here's what's contained within.

North American & European Wii U Release Announced

505 Games and Re-Logic have announced that Terraria is heading to Wii U in both North America and Europe. Fans of the 2D game can look forward to the June 24th release in Europe and June 28th in North America.

Going Nex-Gen

The Terraria team is all fired up about next week's E3 convention when they will show off the just-announced PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita cross play editions of the game. In addition, the forum announcement also reveals that an XBox One version will join the other two later in 2014.