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TERA Will Receive Skill Balancing Update on April 28

Every class is getting rebalancing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TERA is set to receive a skill balancing update soon. In the meantime, the team has provided the following preview.

The update itself is set to launch on April 28. Several classes are getting rebalanced, including Lancer, Brawler, Priest, Mystic, Slayer, Reaper, Warrior, Gunner, Archer, Reaper, Ninja, Berserker, Sorcerer, and Valkyrie. Yeah, that’s a lot.

For example, Lancer is set to receive a new passive called Cunning Practice which increases physical resistance by 5%. It’s also set to receive a skill boost for Onslaught, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, Debilitate, Shield Barrage, Wallop, Super Leap, Stand Fast, Guardian’s Barrier, Iron Will, Second Wind, Pledge of Protection, Debilitate.

In fact, virtually all classes listed will receive either new passives, new stat boosts, or boosts to their skills. You can check out the full list of passives, stats, and skill boosts arriving in the April 28 update here.


Poorna Shankar

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