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TERA Articles

Second Console Beta to Run March 16th and 17th

En Masse Entertainment has announced a second TERA console open beta event. Starting on Friday, March 16th, console players can log into the beta and play through 9:00 pm on Saturday, March 17th. Since the first beta, En Masse has been at work to solve crash issues and other nagging bugs players encountered. There should be, according to the devs, a marked improvement on this weekend's event.

Counterpunch Update Goes Live, Offers a Free Character Slot

En Masse Entertainment has announced that TERA has been patched with the Counterpunch update. Most notably, Counterpunch brings the male Brawler into the game. To accommodate the new character, players logging in between today and March 20th will have a free character slot "mailed to them via in-game parcel".

En Masse Unveils the Console Open Beta Weekend Challenge Board

With the start of the TERA console open beta, En Masse Entertainment is looking to provide its newest players with lots of challenges to earn some sweet rewards as well as help the team stress load the servers. From March 9-11, players will be able to participate in a ton of fun activities including posting screenshots, playing with the devs, create XBox One or PlayStation 4 communities and more.

Playstation 4 and XBox One Open Beta to Begin March 9th

En Masse Entertainment has good news for console TERA fans: The open beta for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One is set to begin on March 9th and will run through March 12th. Players can download the client from the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store starting that same day.

Human Male Brawler to Enter the Game in Counterpunch Update

En Masse Entertainment has announced that the human male Brawler will be blasting his way into TERA with the Counterpunch update on March 13th. He joins the human female Brawler for "equal-opportunity ass-kicking". In addition to the male Brawler, players will also find a re-tuned normal and hard mode Ruinous Manor dungeon will make a comeback and the new battlegrounds leaderboard will be deployed.

Guardian Legion Update Now Live

TERA players can now log into the game to try out the new content that just arrived with the Guardian Legion update. Most notably, the update brings a number of new activities for high level players including the addition of "hot spots" that show where an active participation area is live. Fifteen players can band together to take part in the action to close any one of the six missions.

The Guardian Legion Set to March Forth on January 30th

The next major update to TERA will be arriving on January 30th. Called The Guardian Legion, it contains a number of new activities for max-level players. When opening the world map, players will be able to see "hot spots" that indicate an active participation area. Up to 15 max-level players can take part to try to close out any one of the six available missions.

Closing Out 2017 and Ringing in the New Year

TERA players will be able to take part in a special "end-of-year extravaganza" to close out 2017 and ring in the new year. Starting Saturday, December 30th and running through January 2nd, players will receive 2X drops in several dungeons as well "as a chance for bonus winter-themed loot". In addition, logging in for the final 15 minutes of the year will see players earn a Big-Badda-Boom Box with 100 fireworks inside. You can earn one for each US time zone that passes midnight.

Console Technical Alpha Slated for December 14th to 18th

Matt Denomme has taken to the airwaves to talk about the TERA Online console project. In the new video, he details the forthcoming console technical alpha that will be taking place from December 14th through the 18th. While the pool for this particular test will be quite small, a larger test will be conducted in early 2018.

First Playable Demo of PlayStation 4 Version to Debut During PlayStation Experience

During this weekend's PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, attendees will be able to get hands on with the PlayStation 4 version of TERA. Players will see the redesigned user interface designed specifically for consoles. In addition, attendees can take part in contests and earn a chance during special giveaways.

Miniguns Update Launches Today with Elin Gunner

En Masse Entertainment is updating TERA today with the Miniguns content expansion. Among other things, players will be able to get started playing the new Elin Gunner. In addition, it brings in the hard mode for TERA's RK-9 Kennel as well as a game-wide leveling event that will run through January 2nd.

Players Help Raise Over $3,500 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

En Masse Entertainment has wrapped up its Pink Power Bundle sale in TERA, a special collection of goodies designed to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Center. Throughout the length of the sale, players helped raise over $3,500 that will be sent to the foundation.

Potential In-Game Chat Vulnerability Acknowledged by En Masse

En Masse Entertainment has posted a brief note on the TERA site to let players know that a potential in-game chat vulnerability has been discovered thanks to a Reddit post (since removed) on the TERA Reddit. En Masse is working to investigate the issue and are working closely with the development team to track down and close the potential exploit. However, at this time, "there is no evidence that the vulnerability is being exploited in these way or that any player info has been compromised".

Miniguns Update Shooting Out the Gate on November 30th

TERA will be getting a big update on November 30th. The update is called Miniguns and brings the Gunner class to Elin characters. A pre-event will be held for aspiring Elin to earn a sweet pink outfit. The event will run from November 22nd through November 30th prior to the Miniguns launch.

Get Your Pink Power Bundle & Benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

TERA players have an opportunity to make an important contribution to breast cancer research by purchasing the Pink Power Pack for 1,495 EMP. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and players will receive some nifty in-game items in thanks for their assistance.