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TERA Articles

TERA's New Awakening Update Live on Xbox One and PS4

The New Awakening update for TERA is live now on Xbox One and PS4.

Crab Hunt Live in TERA Until June 30

The Crab Hunt event is live now in TERA through June 30.

TERA Receives Draakon Arena Update Tomorrow

The Draaken Arena update for TERA goes live tomorrow, June 16.

Hunters and Heroes Event Live in TERA

The Hunters and Heroes Event is live now in TERA until June 30. Here's what you need to know about this event.

Gameforge Takes Over Publishing Rights for TERA in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Commonwealth of Independent States

TERA will be published by Gameforge in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States starting on June 4.

Dual Login Event Running All Month in TERA

A dual login event is running all month long in TERA giving you a chance to win a Chupatoken token.

Loot Box Changes are Coming to TERA

Loot box changes are set to arrive soon in TERA. Here's the lowdown.

TERA Will Receive Skill Balancing Update on April 28

TERA is set to receive a skill balancing update soon. In the meantime, the team has provided the following preview.

Next TERA Console Expansion Now Live

The next TERA console expansion is now live. Here's the scoop

TERA Anniversary Arrives on Console, Includes One-Boss Dungeon and More

If you're a console player of TERA, meaning PS4 and Xbox One, you can take part in the second anniversary celebrations, going on now.

Forsaken Island for TERA Live on PS4 and Xbox One

Console TERA players can now look forward to Forsaken Island as it’s now live on PS4 and Xbox One.

Forgeheart Event Live Now in TERA

The Forgeheart event is live now in TERA. Here are the details.

TERA Outlines Kaia’s Anvil Events

Kaia Anvil events have been outlined for TERA starting March 10.

TERA Forsaken Souls Patch Notes Brings Auto Fishing, Bug Fixes, More

Auto fishing and more is here in the Forsaken Souls patch for TERA.

This Week In TERA Includes Vanguard Bonus and Dungeon Highlights

This week in TERA includes reduced Adventure Coin entry for certain dungeons, and more.