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TERA Articles

These Are Your April Events for TERA

The April events for TERA were announced recently. Here's what you can look forward to in the next month.

TERA 7th Anniversary Interview: A Look Back & a Peek at the Future

TERA has come full circle as a successful MMO with a fantastic seven-year run. Now as the game celebrates seven years we get some insight into the success and also the roadmap for the future. We spoke to Patrick ‘Atmorph’ Mathieu about everything TERA this week.

Exclusive Secrets & Shadows Lore Video and Interview

When the TERA update called Secrets & Shadows goes live, players will be able to check out the next class to be added to the game, the Elin Ninja. We had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Senior Producer Eric Han to find out more. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

Exclusive Wounded World Reveal

En Masse Entertainment is ready to reveal tons of new information about the next TERA Rising content expansion called "Wounded World". We had the opportunity to interview Producer Patrick Sun to find out more about Wounded World and simultaneously scored a world-exclusive first look trailer for The Abscess dungeon. Check it all out after the jump!

Ready to Celebrate Its Sophomore Year

TERA is turning two this year and is ready to celebrate. We caught up with Producer Patrick Sun to talk about TERA. See what he has to say in this exclusive interview.

The Dungeon Assault Experience

Today, En Masse Entertainment unleashes the latest TERA Rising update, Dungeon Assault. The patch brings new features and dungeons into the game. We caught up with Patrick Sun to find out more about Dungeon Assault. See what he's got to say about what players will encounter before heading to the comments.

Three-Faction PVP Comes to TERA

TERA is getting ready for an exciting political overhaul in the forthcoming Rising Alliance update that will see Vanarchs give way to continent-ruling Exarchs and alliances battling for control of a new resource. We chatted with Producer Patrick Sun about Rising Alliance. Find out more before heading to the comments with your thoughts.

First Anniversary Interview

En Masse Entertainment's TERA is celebrating its first year and the changes that those 365 days have brought. We managed to catch up to Patrick Sun to talk about TERA. It's a terrific interview that you will want to discuss in the comments after reading!

Rising Momentum

Since going free to play a short time ago, TERA: Rising has experienced some explosive and impressive growth. We sat down for a chat with Associate Producer Patrick Sun to find out more and to see what the future holds for En Masse Entertainment's TERA: Rising. Check it out and then head to the comments.

New F2P Model Combating the Stereotype

Now that the proverbial "cat is out of the bag" about the North American version of TERA adding in a subscription free revenue model, we managed to catch up to Associate Producer Patrick Sun to talk more about the TERA Rising model and about incoming changes to the game. Check it out and then chat in the comments.

Halloween in TERA - Catching Up with Chris Hager

TERA has been out on the scene for the last several months and there is no time for the team to catch its collective breath with all updates and plans to make. We caught up with Chris Hager to talk about TERA. See what he's got to say before adding your voice to the discussion in the comments.

The Argon Queen Cometh

En Masse Entertainment recently announced The Argon Queen update for TERA. We had the opportunity to chat with Producer Chris Hager all about The Argon Queen. See what we discovered and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Brian Knox On Chronoscrolls

En Masse Entertainment announced Chronoscrolls for TERA, a way for players to earn game time using in-game earnings. It's a novel concept and one that Brian Knox wants to explain. Check out our exclusive interview!

The Future of Arborea

Now that En Masse Entertainment has officially launched TERA, the team had a few minutes to breathe again and we caught up with Senior Producer Brian Knox to talk about what will come next for Arborea. See what we discovered and then leave us a comment or two.

Politics, PvP & Guilds...OH MY!

During GDC 2012, we caught up with TERA's Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez to talk about a variety of subjects near and dear to the hearts of our readers. Find out more about guild features, PvP and the political system in TERA and then leave us a comment or two.