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Tales of Pirates Articles

Can I Have Your Stuff? Yes!

An especially interesting development has been announced for IGG's Tales of Pirates today, answering the age-old question many players pose to those announcing they are leaving a particular game: "Can I have your stuff?" With the announcement of the Hosting & Heir system for Tales of Pirates, the answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

Class Balance Changes

The team behind Tales of Pirates has released a large balance update today, their biggest yet. These changes should help bring lower tier classes, and overpowered classes towards the middle.

Advanced Pack Giveaway

MMORPG.com and IGG have teamed up to give our community members some free gift keys which will grant you in-game items for Tales of Pirates - the swashbuckling MMORPG! All you need to get your key is your free MMORPG.com account. Get your key while supplies last!

Marriage System Coming Soon

IGG has announced that that a new marriage system will be coming to Tales of Pirates within a week.

Sacred War Event Returns

IGG has announced the return of the popular Sacred War event in Tales of Pirates.

Easter Events

The folks at Tales of Pirates have announced their plans to hold Easter events in ToP.

Lunar New Year Event

IGG has published details of their Lunar New Year events in Tales of Pirates.

Second Rebirth System Preview

IGG has published a preview of the Second Rebirth System which will soon be implemented in Tales of Pirates.

Magical Lone Tower Tour

IGG gives us a tour of the Magical Lone Tower in Tales of Pirates.

How to get to Prison Island

The folks at Tales of Pirates have provided an overview of how to get to a new map called Prison Island, a location where players can go to take part in "extreme PK."

Christmas Events

IGG has announced a series of Christmas events to be held in Tales of Pirates.

Version 1.38 Overview

IGG has published details about the version 1.38 patch for tales of Pirates which adds a new head-gear forging system, rebirth quests, a new map, and more.

Get Your Gift Key For Tales of Pirates!

MMORPG.com and IGG have teamed up to bring you exlcusive gifts for Tales of Pirates. We have a limited number of unique gift keys that will get you an in game "advanced pack" full of goodies!

Naval  Bases Exploration Guide

IGG has posted a guide to exploring Naval Bases in Tales of Pirates.

A Look at the Crusader

IGG has posted an overview of the Crusader and their skills in Tales of Pirates.