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Tales of Fantasy Articles

Knight Pack Giveaway!

The newest patch, "The Call of Destiny", officially touched down on July 15th, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, we will be teaming up with IGG and giving away some limited Knight Packs worth $16 USD each!

The Call of Destiny

The Tales of Fantasy expansion, The Call of Destiny, will be arriving on July 15, 2010 according to a press release from gaming portal IGG.com. The expansion will feature new class advancements, an elite instance and new dungeons, among other things.

PvP Systems Detailed

IGG has revealed the details on the PvP systems in their upcoming fantasy MMORPG Tales of Fantasy.

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" Event Announced

IGG is celebrating the launch of the Tales of Fantasy closed beta test with the announcement of a new guild event called "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." The event, which begins today and will conclude on May 14th, seeks to identify the game's top 10 guilds and reward them with both riches and neat new titles such as Golden Tiger, Little Jaguar, Royal Kirin, Savage Leo or Flying Pegasus.

Closed Beta Begins

IGG has announced that the Closed Beta test for Tales of Fantasy is now underway! The Closed Beta test features a number of new additions to the game including new maps and instances, with the most notable being "The Lone Knight," which is a five stage level 40 instance, with each stage guarded by a particular boss. The launch of closed beta also marks the removal of the game's level cap restrictions, allowing players to experience the game's full progression.

Tales of Fantasy Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMORPG.com has been given 3000 closed beta test keys for the new MMORPG by IGG - Tales of Fantasy! The beta test will not officially begin until April 13th at 10PM EDT - but you can get your key now and register and download the game client. Get your key while supplies last!

Alpha Test Key Handout

MMORPG.com has just been given 1500 alpha test keys for Tales of Fantasy - a new MMORPG by IGG in where you capture and train wild beasts, then fight on them and race them in competition! Get your key while supplies last!

Alpha Testing Begins Tomorrow!

IGG has announced that the Alpha test for their upcoming free-to-play MMOG Tales of Fantasy will kick off this Tuesday, March 9th at 8PM.