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Indie MMO Spotlight: Cooking, Kensei, And Puddles

As I started prepping for this week's Indie MMO Spotlight, it seemed like it would be a light news week. Considering the first IMS only had seven entries, the 16 items (including two new games) I gathered up aren't so bad after all. While some news items aren't very beefy, I keep adding them to give these indie titles as much visibility as possible. Sometimes less can be more, so let me know in the comments whether you'd like the Spotlight to keep pumping out all the small happenings in the indi

Indie MMO Spotlight: Free Play, Scams, And The Raknar

In this week's Indei MMO Spotlight Mitch warns players of some discord scams while he outlines all the happenings in the Indi MMO scene.

Indie MMO Spotlight: New Funding, Temporary Shutdowns, And Two New Games

New World may have garnered most of the MMO attention this week, but there's still a lot going on in the indie scene as well. In fact, this is the biggest Indie MMO Spotlight to date, with twenty entries in total. We even have two new games in the Spotlight this week. So let's flip the switch and get started with this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

Preview - Checking Out VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City's Second Alpha

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG by RamenVR, had its second alpha at the end of July. After the first alpha, the developers have been busy adding features, content, fixes, and a few bugs. From cooking to zip lines, check out Kevin's thoughts on the second alpha phase and insights from Andy Tsen, Co-Founder/CEO of RamenVR.

Zenith: The Last City Expanding Development After Raising $10m in New Funding

Development continues on upcoming cross-platform VRMMO Zenith: the Last City, and developer Ramen VR has raised $10m in Series A funding after the closed alpha.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Milestones, Makeovers, and New Hires

Happy Labor Day Weekend! A long weekend is in order after all of the work our indie devs have done over the summer. Speaking of work, several of the indie games we've been following are expanding their teams. However, one developer has run out of funds. We've got that, and much more for you to catch up on in this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.