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Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens New Season, Frostrealm, With New Biome, New Lighting Magic, and New Boss

Zenith: Infinite Realms Season 2: Frostrealm, is now live. The new season adds a brand new biome to the game, a new boss, and additional features like lightning gesture magic, and some new cosmetics.

Interview: RamenVR CEO Andy Tsen Talks Zenith: Infinite Realms And How They Hope It Reignites Interest In Their VR MMO

VR MMO Zenith: The Last City finds itself at a crossroads, and its new free-to-play version, Zenith: Nexus is being touted as a way to help save the MMO itself. We sat down with RamenVR studio head Andy Tsen to talk about the challenges the MMO has faced, and the direction behind the new Infinite Realms mode.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Season 2: Frostrealm Coming Soon, With First Details and Launch Window

Since the launch of Zenith: Infinite Realms, Ramen VR has been refreshing content, fixing issues, and getting things fully settled in Season 1. Now, it's almost time for Season 2: Frostrealm, and the team is sharing some initial details and a release window.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Gets New Mini Bosses, New Gates, Cosmetics, and Fixes in Ramen VR's Mid-Season Patch

Zenith: Infinite Realms has just gotten its first mid-season update. Ramen VR is adding new content to its recently-released co-op session-based game, along with new cosmetics, feature updates, and fixes.

RamenVR's Zenith: Nexus Release Angers Fans, Experiences Steam Review Bombing

With their release of Zenith: Nexus and their free game mode things were supposed to change for the better for RamenVR. Here's what happened instead.

Free to Play Co-op Game Mode, Zenith: Infinite Realms, Launches Tomorrow, February 27th

Zenith: Nexus, will open tomorrow, with the launch of Zenith: Infinite Realms, the new free to play session-based co-op RPG mode alongside Zenith: the Last City.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Open Beta is Now Live

The next phase of Zenith is on the way with the free to play, session-based co-op VR mode, Zenith: Infinite Realms. Ramen VR has announced that open beta is now live.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Realm Walkers Jumping On The Hype Train

This week, Nightingale (image above) goes full speed on the hype train, Corepunk talks Alpha Test #2, and Ravendawn pulls out the banhammer.

Ramen VR Talks Co-op Zenith: Infinite Realms: Procedural Generation, Lessons Learned and Improvements

With the next chapter of Zenith: The Last City and upcoming free to play co-op Zenith: Infinite Realms, approaching, the Ramen VR team is taking us behind the scenes and talking about their goals in approaching this next step in the Zenith universe.

Indie MMO Spotlight: So Many Patches And Updates

This week, it feels like every game got some sort of update. Check out the long list in this week's Indie MMO Spotlight.

Zenith: The Last City's Next Phase Includes a Zenith: Infinite Realms, a Free to Play Co-op Action Adventure RPG

Zenith: Infinite Realms, a new free to play procedural action-adventure RPG with a seasonal model will join Zenith: The Last City in Ramen VR's efforts to grow their community and maintain both games.

Indie MMO Spotlight: MMORPG Covers Indie Stuff

This week, we give our final verdict on The Wagadu Chronicles, we share Part 2 of Philip Harker's Case Studies in First-timer Indie MMO Development, and Fractured Online has one crappy week

Indie MMO Spotlight: Will Quinfall Fall Short?

This week, people wonder whether Quinfall is following in the footsteps of The Day Before, Britannia gets a development update video, and we posted our Review in Progress of The Wagadu Chronicles.

Ramen VR CEO Opens Up About Major Changes Coming to Zenith: The Last City, With Pre-Alpha Signups Open

The Zenith: The Last City team opens up about major changes coming, with first pre-alpha starting this week.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Merry Indie Xmas

This week, things are a little slow due to the holidays. We still have some random trailers, beta announcements,