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The Elder Scrolls Online Zeal of Zenithar Event Returns, Debuting Gold Road Armor Style Pages

The Zeal of Zenithar returns to The Elder Scrolls Online next week, with global bonuses, rewards, and the debut of new Gold Armor Dragoon style pages.

Score A Free Flashy New Emote in The Elder Scrolls Online

As a part of the ongoing 10-year celebration of The Elder Scrolls Online, we can now snag a new emote to show off to our friends thanks to their partnership with Alienware. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road and Update 42 Are Live on PC and Mac

Something is up in the West Weald, now that the Gold Road Chapter is live in The Elder Scrolls Online. The new content is out for PC/Mac along with Update 42 for the base game.

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Give You a Mount for Scribing in Gold Road

The Elder Scrolls Online is hoping you want some new mounts, with two newly-announced promos, including a free multi-rider mount for Scribing in Gold Road.

The Elder Scrolls Online Team Talks Designing Ithelia and the Warm Look of Gold Road

The ESO team has a new devblog talking about designing the look of the West Weald, and Ithelia, and how Gold Road took shape.

Preview Gold Road's New 12-Player Trial, Lucent Citadel, and New World Event, Mirrormoor Incursions

The Lucent Citadel and Mirrormoor Incursions are two of the features coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in Gold Road. The first is a new 12-player Trial, while the Mirrormoor Incursions are the newest world event.  

Prepare for Gold Road By Completing (or Revisiting) Some Imperial Elder Scrolls Online Content

Gold Road is coming, and The Elder Scrolls Online is highlighting some Imperial-themed content and activities to prepare for the big Chapter release in June. 

The ESO Team Describes Their Scribing Custom Builds, Offering a New Preview of Gold Road's Standout Feature

A standout feature coming in The Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road Chapter is Scribing. A new system to let you tailor your abilities by unlocking new options and choosing between options, Scribing is set to shake things up by allowing greater build variety. 

The Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Gifts Continue, With a New Skin for Dedicated Quest Completion

The 10th anniversary celebrations continue for The Elder Scrolls Online, with a new achievement and special skin coming to unlock when Gold Road and Update 42 arrive in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Votary Nahlia, Key to Scribing in Gold Road

Votary Nahlia is the latest character from the Gold Road Chapter to get a new lore entry from The Elder Scrolls Online team. In the latest feature, written from the POV of Nahlia herself, we get to know this warrior mage who will be important to learning Scribing.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Preview Visits the West Weald

The ESO team has a new preview to prepare for the Gold Road Chapter's release, this time taking us into the mysteries, peoples, and regions of West Weald.

The Elder Scrolls Online is Giving a House and Free Housing Rewards As Part of the 10th Anniversary Celebration

ZeniMax promised a big year for The Elder Scrolls Online's 10th anniversary and the team has announced the next round of gifts in honor of the anniversary promotions: free housing rewards.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road and Base Game Update 42 Hit the Public Test Server

The Elder Scrolls Online has opened up testing for the Gold Road Chapter and Update 42. PC and Mac users can now test out the next new content updates and help the team to hammer out any issues before they launch in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Gold Road's Tribune Alea Idolus

The release of Gold Road is fast approaching, and The Elder Scrolls Online has a new lore feature, an introduction to the character, West Weald native, Tribune Alea Idolus.

Stay in a German Castle, Mingle With Devs to Mark The Elder Scrolls Online's 10th Anniversary

This summer, The Elder Scrolls Online brings a 10th anniversary celebration to Germany with a weekend-long ESO Tavern event, and you can stay in a real castle.