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The Elder Scrolls Online Will Give Orisinum Away Free As a Login Reward in March

With Scions of Ithelia coming in March, and the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax has an important early gift to kick off the celebration: The Orisinum DLC.

The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Chapter arrived earlier this month on PC. With the various new features, ZeniMax has introduced two new zones, two new companions, a new trial, and a new class. Is working for the Daedric Prince of Forbidden Knowledge enough to keep players engaged? Check out Kevin's final review.

Live Blog: Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Hones In On ESO, Redfall And More

Xbox and Bethesda are hosting a Developer_Direct showcase today, highlighting upcoming games for Microsoft's platform in 2023. Among those we know to be included are Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

ZeniMax Workers United Votes to Unionize, With Microsoft Formally Recognizing Its First Union

Representing about 300 QA workers across ZeniMax Studios, ZeniMax Workers United has officially voted to unionize under the CWA. Microsoft has formally recognized this, its very first union.

UPDATED: About 300 QA Workers at ZeniMax Studios Have Declared Intent to Unionize

About 300 QA workers at ZeniMax Studios have declared their intent to unionize. Microsoft, which owns the company, has vowed to remain neutral towards unionization and to recognize unions if employees vote for one.

The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Lost Depths Gameplay Trailer Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

The next chapter in the Legacy of the Bretons storyline in The Elder Scrolls Online is almost here, and ZeniMax has dropped a new trailer showing off some of the gameplay. The Lost Depths is coming on August 22nd to PC, Mac and Stadia.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Review In Progress

The Elder Scrolls Online launched High Isle earlier this week, once the issues were worked out of course. The new chapter brings players to the Systres Archipelago, steeped in Breton culture, to uncover a plot of the mysterious Ascendant Order. Bradford takes an early look at the chapter in our review in progress.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Teasing Its Next Big Announcement

Another year, another Elder Scrolls Online year-long story. Earlier today the official Twitter account of ESO tweeted out a teaser, promising more info tomorrow on exactly what the team has planned next for the MMO series.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Taking A Look Back On 2021 And Head Towards 2022

With the year coming to an end Kevin takes a look back at The Elder Scrolls Online and the various features the team at Zenimax introduced in 2021. Read on about what worked, what didn't, and what has potential in 2022.

Interview: Elder Scrolls Online Now Boasts Over 19 Million Lifetime Players As Deadlands Launches November 1st

During a livestream earlier today, ZeniMax Online Studios announced quite a few tidbits for Elder Scrolls Online fans, including the reveal that the MMO now boasts over 19 million lifetime players in Tamriel.

E3 2021: The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Final Two DLC Names, Releases Console Enhanced Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online wasn't missing from the E3 2021 showcase, as the development team at ZeniMax Online Studios revealed a few new tidbits of information on the future plans for the Gates of Oblivion story this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online Breaks Down Its Companion System Ahead Of Blackwood Release

Companions are one of the major features coming with this year's Elder Scrolls Online chapter update. Coming with Blackwood, companions are a way to inject an NPC in the leveling process with a player, while still sticking to the core of what has made the Elder Scrolls series so popular over the years: its storytelling.

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Preview Event Recap

Last night the Elder Scrolls Online team held a Blackwood Chapter Preview Event for the new content coming to the game in June. While they did include some unreleased information about a few features, much of it was already known.

Elder Scrolls Online Previews New Character Lyranth Ahead Of Flames Of Ambition DLC

As time ticks down towards the upcoming March release of the Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, the team at ZeniMax are starting to pull back the veil of some of the characters, starting with the Dremora Lyranth.

Elder Scrolls Online Devs Are Hiring for 'Multiple Unannounced Projects'

Zenimax Online, the folks behind MMO Elder Scrolls Online, are hiring for several different positions.